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Hi, I'm Meadow

Today, I'm unfuckwithable. I have impeccable clarity, standards, and boundaries. Oh. And I’m like annoyingly happy.

But, let's rewind to a time in my life when it all looked very different.

Not only was I not thriving… I was barely surviving

Antidepressants, therapy galore, suicidal, and I seemed to be collecting a never-ending string of failures.

In other words - me, at my worst.

Where was that fiery, little girl? 

The bold, little lady who shamelessly wore a cape, laughed more than you can imagine, and didn't worry herself into paralysis?

How I was trying to move through my struggles was keeping me stuck.

I was analyzing external circumstances in order to change my internal landscape.

And it wasn’t working.

The process was long, arduous, and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. 

The missing puzzle piece was this:

My struggles were mine to reframe, not analyze.

First up?

Healing my relationship with my body and food that had tripped me up for decades.

I had been following a woman who worked to end disordered eating – honestly, I thought she was a therapist – and I resonated with everything she had to say. A one-on-one working relationship with her was more than we had in the bank at that time. But I was desperate for relief. And I believed she could give me that. 

So, I pulled out my credit card and accidentally hired my first coach.

I will never forget our first phone call.

I launched into the past, my struggles, all the reasons I am the way I am. And she calmly interjected...

"Meadow, we can definitely visit the past, but that’s not where our work is going to take place. Coaching is about working in the present to create the future."

I got off the phone with a feeling of calm and clarity I had never experienced.

And it kept getting stronger throughout our working relationship.

Even more, I knew I was made for this work.

Before our time together had ended, I enrolled in a coaching course.

And today, I get to take my years of experience helping women grow successful businesses, combine it with my coursework in success coaching, and wrap it together with my innate ability to see exactly what's keeping you stuck, ignite transformation, and support you unleashing your unfiltered art and message into the world.

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