Hi, I'm Meadow!


And something you should prooooobably learn about me right away is my greatest achievement in life thus far: I, Meadow, managed to shift my most crippling weakness into my most powerful strength.

Yes. I quite literally used to be paralyzed by the world around me: what people thought, what they said, what they didn’t say, what I could have done in x,y,z scenarios, what I really wanted (I had no clue)… yada yada yada.

And I shifted it. I went from complete overwhelm and paralysis to being a confident, decisive, powerhouse of a business woman who has been known to bring in 5-figure months doing the work I would quite literally do for free.

See? Greatest achievement.

Now, let’s get ourselves on the same page. When I say I used to be overly sensitive. I mean that shit.

We’re talking over 30 years of eating disorders, overthinkers-anonymous (just kidding - that’s not a thing. Oh, but it is), anxiety, depression, suicidal, not-doing-jack-because-if-one-person-could-argue-against-it, I wouldn’t do, say, or think it.

Talk about paralysis. For a long time.

But do you know what I’m genius at?

Reading people. I can tell the second I walk into a room what kind of energy there is. Am I blowing your skirt up yet? No? K… How about this: I see the things people are keeping just below the surface, or even deeply guarding in some cases.

Are you seeing where I’m going with this? They’re two sides of the same coin! My ability to read people and situations is essentially the same gift that can send me into overwhelm.

It’s because I simply didn’t understand these traits or how to work with them and use them to my advantage.

Essentially, I wasn’t using my superpower for good… I was using it for evil and self-destruction.

But now? Now, I’m unstoppable.

And I want to help you own your power and be unstoppable too.


And who am I to help you?

Well... I was exactly where you are not too long ago.


Got time for a story? Good.

Let's rewind to a time in my life when I couldn’t see through the fog to what it was I actually WANTED. I had the opposite of clarity on everything...

I would say, “I don’t know,” to almost every single question:

What’s your favorite food? I don’t know
Do you want bangs? I don’t know
Do you want to live in the city or the country? I don’t know
Cats or Dogs? I don’t know
What’s your drink? I don’t know
What do you want to do with your life? I don’t know

In the few instances where I would settle my focus on something I wanted, I would almost always quit before I even started. And if prodded, I would simply state how it wasn’t going to work anyway – so why bother.

I hit walls I built myself.

I was a mess. Anti-depressants, therapy galore, and a seemingly never-ending string of failures.


Where was that fiery, little girl I once was?

Where was that bold lady who shamelessly wore a cape, laughed more than you can imagine, and didn't worry herself into paralysis? I had no idea.

Then enter: Motherhood. No more worrying about me; I had someone else to focus on, and it was so amazingly refreshing – I was giddy with peace, relief, and a general euphoria. We were blissful. Fast-forward a couple years, add another babe, homeownership, and starting a business to the mix and I found myself back where I started.

I had clarity on one thing: I needed help.

First up? Healing my relationship with my body and food. I had been following a woman who worked to end disordered eating – honestly, I thought she was a therapist – and I resonated with everything she had to say. A one-on-one working relationship with her for three months was $2,500... money we didn't have in the bank. But I was desperate for relief. And I believed she could give me that.

So, I pulled out my credit card and accidentally hired my first coach.


I will never forget our first phone call. I launched into the past, my struggles, all the reasons I am the way I am… and she just calmly interjected, “Meadow, we can definitely touch on the past, but that’s not where the majority of our work is going to take place. Coaching is about working in the present to create the results you want in the future.”

BOOM. I was floored. And I got off that phone call with a feeling of calm and clarity I hadn’t had in a long time. Maybe ever. And it only got better throughout the three months we worked together one-on-one. Even more, I knew I was made for this work. Before our time together had even ended, I had enrolled in a course and became immersed in all things coaching. I’m ecstatic to take my years of experience helping women grow successful businesses in the direct sales channel, combine it with my coursework in success coaching, and wrap it all together into my innate ability to shed a light on exactly what it is you want - in business and in life. I was born for this work. That, I’m crystal clear on.

And here we are… charmed I’m sure.

Wanting a couple more tidbits about me?


I absolutely love...

speaking in accents, singing on voicemails, record players, no plans, coffeeeeeeee, wrestling with my two little boys, #hashtags, loud sneezes, the word 'onomatopoeia', a blank journal, DANCING, puns (intentional and unintentional), skinny-dipping, finding out what something is after I’ve eaten it, bookstores, heart-shaped rocks, singing (ok, screaming) the Devil Went Down to Georgia at the top of my lungs with full-on air-fiddle, talking to strangers, eavesdropping, pirate jokes, black cats, and helping you realize what makes you unique then own how ridiculously awesome you are...

With much love, double high-fives, butt-slaps-and-boobie-bumps (Too much? You’ll get used to it…)


Now, it's your turn! 


I want to hear from you, and I mean it...

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So much love,

Meadow Merry