Imposter Syndrome Is So Early 2018... How to eradicate it?

Be More You #bemoreyou  

When you think about it, it’s simple, yeah? Be more you.

It’s kinda all ya got, anyhow. And not in a, “Oh, poor you - this is all you got.”

No. In a, “Holy CANNOLI you get to be YOU and that’s your superpower!”

Yeah. You know that bumper sticker saying - be you, everyone else is taken? They’re onto something. It’s just that simple.

You are you. You are only you. You have lived your life in a way that no one else has. You see things in a way no one else can. You have a way of processing things in a way no one else does. This means you’re magic, really.

Something I like to ask is, “What’s the alternative?”

Being someone else?

How would that go? #horrible

Not that I need to even go here to convince you or anything - because it’s so simple… but if you’re interested in becoming the BEST at something, being you is something ONLY you can excel at. Literally, no one does it like you… and here’s what else - you will NEVER excel at being something you’re not. It just isn’t how it works. You’ll always fall short of being something you’re not!

So, when I put it to you like that, the alternative being so very dismal - and the prospect of just being you so very beautiful and simple… what more is there?


We must cast off and release the grips of imposter syndrome and the notion that we have to be anything other than who we are right here and right now in order to be successful.

I know none of us wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and emphatically declare, “YES! Let’s be someone else today!!!”

No. BUT… we do talk ourselves out of our brilliance on the regular. You feelin’ me?

You want to speak up, but talk yourself out of it. You end up just sitting there, spinning the comment over and over in your head until you miss your chance, (!!!) aren’t present in the moment, and missing everything else going down while you’re working on being un-brilliantified. (I know it’s not a word. Just go with me.)

Here’s the opposite of brilliance. Cloudy, dull, normal.

DO YOU WANT TO BE ANY ONE OF THOSE THINGS?! I know you don’t. So I’ll stop yelling at you.

It’s funny - because when you’re sitting there chatting yourself out of sharing particular thought and/or musing, you’re literally striving for normal. You’re striving to not make waves. You’re striving for dull.

You don’t want that - so let’s CHOOSE what you do want. Because even though I know you’re not declaring you want to be someone else today, the choices you’re making are reflecting that.

What are some other things that happen due to you not fully stepping into BEING MORE YOU?

  • You're anxious.

  • You worry about what other people are thinking of you.

  • You wonder how something is going to turn out - so much so - that you're completely paralyzed by the many roads and pathways said scenario will play out.

  • You talk yourself out of your urges on the regular. You may not even realize this one. You may think it’s just how it is. How you’re supposed to handle “weird” and “strange pulls”... talk yourself right out of that - that’s weird! It’s unfounded. It makes NO SENSE!

  • You’re unhappy. You may not even give yourself permission to reflect on this one. You may not ever slow down enough to realize it (striving to be someone you’re not is truly exhausting work, I tell ya! I’ve been there, done that, no more)

  • And, here’s the worst part, you’re not present. You’re always thinking about what’s next - next on the to-do list, next in the schedule, next goal, next project, next struggle… NEXT. You’re missing the present.

So, yeah - a lot of people can go through life never really honing the magic of stepping into fully being themselves and all the magic that comes with it.

But not you. You’re ready for magic.

I'm talking about being in the place where you know your brilliance: comfortable being unique - kind of strange even. You prefer it actually - at least you’re not normal and dull... 

You are ready to drop the struggle of striving for society's standards of excellence and set your own measure of brilliance. 

Society measures success by the average. Let’s not be average, mmmkay? That’s just as bad as being dull.

You were put here to live your life - the one you’re living RIGHT NOW - the one you’ve CREATED.

So, if you’re looking around, and your life doesn’t have you doing cartwheels, I hope you feel empowered right now to change it. 

Let me introduce: Be More You #bemoreyou

No more trying to be something you’re not, ok?

  • No more talking yourself out of the “weird” ideas you get

With my support, you’ll flip into #promode in curating your ideas and putting them into practical action… you’ll start to see in hindsight how perfect your ideas actually are… the best ones really don’t make sense in the moment. It’s afterwards when you’ll look back and say - yeah - that was definitely a gut-pull I’m glad I followed even though I couldn’t explain why I needed to. And (spoiler alert: you’ll get better at this the more you do it).

  • No more rationalizing away your success.  

You’ll know through and through when you hit a milestone or goal that YOU did that. You’ll start to say THANK YOU when someone compliments you… and you’ll ENJOY your successes and (here’s the awesome part) you’ll actually attract MORE success and accomplishment by doing this.

  •  No more keeping quiet or staying stuck.

You’ll say what you feel pulled to say, do what you feel pulled to do, and accomplish what you feel pulled to accomplish. Isn’t that magic in and of itself? Yes. Yes, it is.  

  •  No more anxiety around how OTHER PEOPLE will receive something you do or say.  

We will work deeply on what you can control and what is outside the comfy sphere of your control.

  •  No more letting your mind bring you out of the present.

Being present with your work, your family, your love, your play… everything… is huge. The only place you can CREATE anything is the present. It’s here where your magic is truly allowed to come into being.

  •  No more waking up one day and looking around to realize you’ve never actually asked YOURSELF what it is you want to do, be, create, and enjoy… you are you and that is your superpower. You’ll only step into that by honoring the quirks that make you unique, and giving yourself the space to see what happens when you #bemoreyou

Me. You. Six Weeks. It's ON. You know you can't NOT do this work. 

Here’s what, gorgeous. You’ve tried it the other way (haven’t we all)... and you know it’s not working.

You’re ready to try it the way you were always meant to do things: YOUR WAY. This is scary because there’s no blueprint. It hasn’t been done before (like, no one has set out to be you and done it successfully before). There’s no step-by-step action plan to carry you through. Like, I can’t tell you, “Do A,B, and C…. and you’ll end up at D!” It’s not that simple.

But what IS SIMPLE is your pull to release the way you have been doing things (according to what society says - or what is safe - etc.) You know that in order to really show up in the world, you must first honor who you are right now. It’s being with this person right now, learning how to communicate with yourself in the present, that will get you to who you know you’re meant to be. But, I can guarantee you won’t wake up one day the person you want to be by not sitting with the person you are right now. It doesn’t work that way.

So, what do ya say? You ready? To Be More You?

Good. Here’s what’s about to go down:

  • Six weeks. You and me. Doing the work you are feeling pulled to do to uncover what you’ve always known: that you are brilliant.

  • Private FB group: Our hub-o-love so to speak. Our safe space. Our meeting room. Where the magic happens. It all goes down there. But no worries, you have full access to all the content in a neat, packaged way when our work is completed so you can come back to it and run through it whenever you feel like you are needing a little reminder.

  • Powerful 1:1 call with me to kick it off before we even dig into the work so you’ll have that strong foundation and vision of what you’re looking to create

  • Weekly trainings: (but usually more - cause that’s how I roll - I give out what comes through - and because I’m 100% doing the work I am meant to do, you get a ton of content and access to me. I’m always just as fired up and inspired as my clients - which fuels me - which fuels you - it’s just one big fueling and inspiring circle-o-luuuuuve really)

  • Between Training Access: The most powerful movement with this kind of work happens between sessions for sure. You can’t time your struggles - your successes - your hurdles. And it’s in those moments when the potential for movement is greatest. Think about it - you don’t create tons of movement and successes in your life when all’s well and perfect…. No. You create movement because there’s discomfort and a knowing that you are craving change. So, this is why I work this way - the time between trainings is key to huge growth. It’s the way my mentors have worked with me, and it’s how I work with my clients.

Our trainings include:

  • Success mindset work: To be the person you know you’re meant to be, you have to get your mind right. This is a mental game through and through. Number one in my book.

  • Prompts: These are take-aways to dig into on your own with journaling - video - or voicetext… however you process best.

  • Implementation Strategies: Knowing what you have to do is useless without putting it into practice. I support you in putting those dreamy dreams of yours into practical action… breaking down what can sometimes be overwhelming into doable, bite-sized action steps that excite you, instead of paralyze you.

I'm so excited to work with you so closely on such important work surrounding YOU BEING EXACTLY WHO YOU'RE MEANT TO BE: YOU!!!! We kick off on August 13th!! See you in there!

Love you the most, 

Meadow xx