You’ve checked out my work

and you know you need to get a clearer picture of your branding in order to bring your mission to life.


I’ll explain why getting clear on your brand is your first step to connecting with your ideal clients.


The above photo is me asking God to send me my brand. It took awhile. This workshop will be faster. With just as many images of my ass during our trainings most likely.


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Because here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter how awesome you are at helping people.

If your messaging and branding are all over the place, the people you’re meant to help won’t even connect with you!

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Bring it back to basics and really look at the work you do: how you want people to feel when they come into contact with your services - the vision of the life that can be created BECAUSE OF the work you do. That’s step one - that’s discovering your brand. And that’s what we’re doing in this workshop.

The esthetics of branding (your font combinations, color palettes, and mood boards) will all come together BECAUSE you worked at strengthening your connection to your brand in the simplest and most profound way: figuring out how you want people to feel when they come into contact with you - and how working with you is the solution to their problems.

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Workshop details:

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This is where we’ll dig in. You’ll have a direct line to me, and I’ll outline the exact process I do with my clients to go from “I don’t have a brand,” to “Yes! That’s so my brand!”

Once that work is done with each person, we’ll go into the fun of getting the perfect font combinations, color palettes, and mood boards to bring your brand to life.

Branding Board DC Energyworks.jpg

Mood Board

This is your brand in pictures. You’ll get my outline for creating a series of images that evoke exactly how you want people to FEEL when they come into contact with your brand.

Font Combinations

We’ll do a DND (Down-N-Dirtay) overview of fonts, why you don’t care, why you should care, and how to get the perfect combo of fonts to represent your brand and it’s important mission.

Mood Board Reject.jpg

Color Palettes

Colors have energy. After the clarity you have following our initial branding visualization, you’ll be able to compile the colors that will represent your brand energetically.

Branding Board

You’ll leave this workshop having what I call a Branding Board. This is your brand at a glance. You can then hand this one-pager off to anyone creating promotional materials for you, taking professional photos, etc… and they will know your brand and can represent you better immediately.

Your brand brought to life: $98.00