Couch to $10k

But instead of RUNNING 10k, you're going to be MAKING $10k. And then continuing to scale from there.


Solid Offer

You must be 100% behind what it is you offer in order to put yourself and your business out into the world confidently and consistently.

Within this 12-week program, you will create the precise offers you can't wait to facilitate.

Solid Sales

Sales are magical. I get sales; both literally and figuratively. And I will make sure you get sales as well.

I have sold over $802,179.00 in the last year and although most of that has been over messenger, I have a 100% close rate on the phone.

I can see what is not working in your sales and I help you fix it.

Solid Results

This 12-week program was designed to both help you create $10k in your business and construct the foundation on which to grow beyond to even greater levels of success going forward.

Client Success

Emmy created $29k of new business and her first $50k month of booked sales within 6 weeks of our work together. We started after over 2 years of failed launches, Emmy was tired - drained - and “petrified” of putting everything she had into giving it another shot. Her fear of no results became a story she carried around that was hanging on tight - creating stagnation and paralysis in her business and life. After coming into my group program, we made several necessary tweaks in Emmy's launch, sales, and energy which led her to book over $29k in new business and create her first $50k month of sales in 6 weeks.

Client Success

Steph came into my group program wanting to pull off her first successful $10k launch. We looked at offers and pricing - tweaked #allofit - and she came out with a $10k+ booked month, $7,603 cash. Boom-shaka-laka.

Couch to $10k

This is a 12-week group coaching experience with Meadow.

  • 15 seats available
  • $2,500 pay in full
  • $1k/month for 3 months on the payment plan
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