You want to be successful. You want to be happy. You want to be loved.

DUH. WE ALL WANT THOSE THINGS!!! (insert laughing emoji)

Have you actually given yourself the SPACE to ask yourself what you want? Have you given yourself the GIFT of uncovering what it is you WANT out of life?


Shocking (But, not really though)...

Here’s the thing. We, as women are so very amazing at nurturing everyone around us, that we can look up one day (today, perhaps?) and realize we know what everyone else wants all around us except US! 

We are experts of knowing what everyone else wants. We know what our husband wants - we know what our kids want (they tell us - or scream it at us- every hour on the hour) - and we know what our best friend wants. Hell. We even know what our neighbor wants!

What about you though?

Did you know that if you aren’t super clear on what it is you want out of life, chances of you getting it are pretty much shit? #truestory

A quote I love is, “You can’t have everything - but you CAN have everything you want. You just have to know what you want.”

So back to you. Are you walking around saying you want to be happy? Saying you want to be successful? Saying you want love?

Awesome! Except for one tiny detail…


I don’t know ONE person who DOESN’T want each and every one of those things! (bear with me - bare with me? No - that would mean I want you to disrobe with me… and I don’t… so, BEAR with me then…)

What does SUCCESS look like to you?

What does HAPPINESS look like to you?

What does LOVE look like to you?!

These are the GOLDEN NUGGET QUESTIONS to be asking yourself!  

Let’s chat success for a hot sec: Maybe you want to be “successful” by running a fortune 500 company and ruling boardrooms all over the world - but, then again, maybe success to you looks like a part-time job with plenty of time to roll around on the floor with your dog/kids/pet snake… Two very different versions of success right there. Neither are “more right” than the other.. But if you’re holding up a measurement of success against yourself that doesn’t fit with YOUR DEFINITION of success… then you’re going to be left unfulfilled in a lot of ways along your journey. Make sense?

Let’s muse on happiness. What if living in a mansion (one of your 29 different properties) will make you happy? What if living with zero possessions and traveling the world will make you happy? Better figure that out quick, or you will be left (yet again) unfulfilled throughout your journey.

Love - right?! Same scenario. If the perfect version of love to you is gettin’-it-on with a different hot AF dude night after night with zero attachment to hold yo fine ass down, then you better figure that out before you say YES to monogamy and pop out those 2.5 perfect children! Because, again, both fine - both couldn’t be more different than each other. The only way you’ll be satisfied is by figuring out what YOUR version of love is.

You pickin’ up what I’m puttin down, hot stuff?! Good. Let’s keep going.

If you’ve never given yourself permission - space - time - to ask yourself what it is YOU WANT (and you’re ready) then get your ass into

Fierce Clarity: Everything You Need To Get Anything You Want.

Over a four week period - starting Thursday, August 23rd, everything changes for you. Actually before if you like... because the pre-work is LIVE right NOW! 

No longer will you not know what it is you are working toward. No longer will you be able to say “I don’t know” - however safe that is to be able to say - because, let’s face it, by choosing to not know, we get to sit the bench of our own lives, right?! We don’t have to play. We can’t, because WE DON’T KNOW.

Enough. You know. And you’re ready to uncover it all. Starting now

What was I saying?! Oh, right…. No longer will you be able to rest in the safe space of not knowing. You’re ready to claim with fierce clarity everything you actually want - what it looks like for YOU - and make a plan of getting it.

Um. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. And it doesn’t get any cooler than this month-long intensive with me and some other badass chicks ready to do the same.

The details:

  • 4 weeks

  • private FB group - pre-work is LIVE NOW! 

  • 4 detailed and interactive trainings covering anything and everything surrounding you knowing AND getting what you want

  • journaling prompts

  • TWO private 1:1 calls with me. One before and one after our work together... to make sure you have a strong foundation and a detailed plan of action for moving forward once our work is done. HUGE.

And, if this is your first time working with me, allow me to say, once our work is done, I’m still around - to support you in any way I can, so there’s that.

Because I love you already.

And this is my SOUL work - the work I would do for free - the work that lights me up.

Don’t fret - we’ll find what lights YOU UP in a hot sec… You just get yourself into this group, and leave the HOW to me.

Trust me. All you have to do is show up with an openness and willingness to move forward, and our work will unfold perfectly and exactly as it should to get you where you want to go.

I'll see you inside! xoxo