So, you’re ready…

Ready to finally figure out what you want to be when you grow up

Good. Then you’re ready for this program. And I’m so glad you’re here.

Allow me to introduce…



Purpose Bootcamp:

Figure out the work you’re meant to do in the world


Six weeks. Me & You. And some other badass Ladies ready to do the damn thing.


"Meadow coaches you in the direction you want to be going..."

"The session we did really moved a few things in me. I’d been debating between a few different employment opportunities and Meadow’s questions and reflections helped me realize a few things about my motivations. She’s helped me to identify where my energizing ideas are, what really charges me up and what I really want to be doing. I feel like Meadow listens with her eyes and heart and I felt really safe exploring ideas with her. I’ve revisited thoughts from our session again and again in the past week as I’ve moved ahead on my ideas and I have felt more confident when taking those next steps.
Meadow asks the tough questions my friends haven’t wanted to bother me with, but that exploration has really helped me see how I’ve been fooling myself in some ways which lead to big breakthroughs! I just needed to talk it through with someone who doesn’t just cheer you on where you are, but coaches you in the direction you want to be going. That someone has been Meadow for me."



"I owe so much of my success and personal growth to Meadow..."

From the moment I met Meadow I knew I met someone special. She has a gift for listening, analyzing, and HELPING and the best part is, she is someone who you naturally want to be around and talk to. She just gets it. Meadow has helped me realize the things that have been getting in the way of my success and she has this amazing way of asking JUST the right questions to allow that kind of deeper thinking. I can’t even tell you how many aha moments I have had during my sessions with her. It’s fireworks - Every. Single. Time. I owe so much of my success and personal growth to my work with Meadow - she’s truly a gift!




Purpose bootcamp

This is a powerful 6-week coaching container to finally figure out your genius and the work you’re meant to do in the world


Right now, the only way to work with me is within my 1:1 signature coaching program.

This is a high four-figure investment.

Don’t worry. My clients usually make that shit back in our first month. And, yes, we dance. And there’s always a little pee.

However, if that’s not your jam (yet) - but you still want to pick up what I be puttin’ down. I’ve gotchu.

I’m rolling out a low-cost, intimate group coaching experience for the sensitive entrepreneur:

Purpose Bootcamp: Finally figure out what you’re meant to be when you grow up.

Do you know why my clients are able to dive into this work and make their investments back so quickly?

Because I am a genius at helping you dig into exactly what YOU’RE A GENIUS AT. And get you tapping into the energy it takes to act on it!

Are you ready? Of course you are. You were born for this shit.

More specifically, this program is for you if, you…

  • are ready to uncover your unique gifts and genius

  • can’t wait to package up everything magical that makes you, you - and throw it at the world with a gigantic bow around it!

  • want to be filled up by your work - not drained

  • know in your gut you’re meant to do something special, big, different

  • have been wanting to work with me but haven’t yet for whatever reason…


"I hope everyone can find their own Meadow..."

"Meadow. Where do I even start?! Meadow is one of THE most empathetic, down-to-earth, real people I know. It makes talking to her about personal and sometimes difficult things easier than you'd imagine going into it. I will readily admit that before every session, my gut reaction was to cancel, to avoid facing my challenges, but as soon as we started, I was so grateful that I followed through. After every session, I had actionable goals, which I personally need, and Meadow followed up on them the very next session. The best part is that Meadow is very empowering, and inspiring, but not judging or condemning. I hope everyone can find their own Meadow in their life :)"



Meadow helped me see this is my life and I can make it be what I want..."

Before the session, I would say I was feeling anxious. So much going on... After we talked, I definitely felt like a weight had been lifted. Hearing Meadow understand, empathize, and reflect back that my feelings are normal felt pretty darn amazing.  But also gently remind me that choices I make are mine, the way I handle situations is up to me, and that I don’t need to hold things in if they bother or upset me in anyway. That I don’t have to give all of myself... I need to save a little of myself for me. Our time together was a big reminder that this is my life and I can make it be what I want.



What you get with this unique program

Weekly Group coaching Calls

This is where I’ll be able to go deep with you 1:1. You can’t do this work and not but up against some shit. That’s what I’m here to help with. I’ve walked through this with so many women. I know how to bring out what is within you, shine a light on what was there all along, and empower you to acknowledge your genius… which allows you to see your unique work in the world.

Weekly Trainings

6 audio trainings that are yours for ever and ever and ever.

This is where you’ll be rewiring your brain for ease, success, and laying a foundation for what’s to come. This is the first step in your training as a powerful entrepreneur. If you lay a business down without doing this work, it’ll be shaky at best. You deserve a strong AF foundation to do your soul-work… and this is what these trainings give you.

Bi-weekly Gigantic workbooks

Seriously. These mothers are huge.

You'll get 3 detailed workbooks to dig deep and get the most out of our work together. These will be distributed bi-weekly throughout the program and will be content you will return to again and again.

Complete clarity surrounding who you are and what it is you want out of your life and business.

Reprogramming your mind for success and releasing the negative thought patterns that have been on repeat in your mind. There's no way to step into the confident person you want to be without telling yourself some different stories about who you are and what you can do, you lovely human, you.

Flip the switch on doubts and fears and long-term tools to keep the momentum going long after the course is finished re: your mindset. 

Weekly Journaling Prompts

There are so many ways you can move through this work. Journaling has been integral in my journey. And I see the huge shifts my clients make from these simple, yet powerful, exercises. Release limiting beliefs and pick up your power. And you’ll be able to use these daily for years to come. I do.

Private FB group

This FB group is where the magic happens. You will be hooked up with like-minded women doing the SAME hard and necessary work to uncover their unique strengths and work in the world.

I reserve the right to do as many impromptu video trainings whenever I want surrounding all things creating the hugest and most unapologetic self.

This group is our hub - our basecamp - our tribe. It's a safe space for the growing pains, the laughter, and the tears that sometimes are released during this important work.

**If that makes you nervous. ASK YOURSELF THIS: What is my alternative?! To NOT do the work? No. It's necessary. And your time is NOW.  

Access Between Sessions in the FB group

This work is far from easy - but I believe it's the most important work you will do. And I make myself available for this very reason.

Some of the best growth for you will take place outside of our regularly scheduled live trainings and group coaching calls, and I want to make sure you get the most of our time together. This is a fast-paced group with a lot to cover. You run, I run. I’m right next to you the whole way. Holding your hand. Cheering you on. You can’t even imagine the level of support waiting for you inside.


I love you so much.

This is going to work for you if you want it to. If you’re open to believing you’re magic and living accordingly.

Know this. If what I say speaks to you. If you’re feeling a pull to work with me. This program is for you.

I’m pouring everything I know into this 6-week intensive. And because it’s the first time I’m running through it, there’s going to be so much attention and energy from me to you. I’m in full-on wiggly puppy mode here. Can you feel it?! There may be some pee.

Are you in?


This Group Coaching experience is currently in Pre-Launch until Tuesday, May 27th at a reduced investment


Pre-Launch Investment:

Single payment of $395

Your Pre-Launch Options

Installment Plan:

4 bi-weekly payments of $100



A little love note from me to you

I spent almost my entire life not knowing what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” This isn’t necessary for you. I am a genius at helping you tap into YOUR GENIUS. No more time wasted wondering what your passion is. Let’s do this.

Do you feel what’s possible for you when you stop doubting yourself? No? Still worried that you’ll fall flat on your face? That’s ok. You’re in the right place if you’re feeling a pull. And besides, we’ll be covering that shit in the first training anyway. Doubting yourself isn’t serving you anymore and you know it.

If you need to hear it, let me be the first to tell you that you absolutely CAN do the work you are meant to do in this world and make money doing it. You absolutely CAN be energized and lit up from the inside out when you hone in on your zone of genius with your work. You absolutely CAN do this.

Get in here. There’s already a gift waiting for you. It’s a bonus. That’s how I roll.

You’ll get used to it.

Love you the most xx, M