Confidence Quickie

A one-month INTENSIVE where we link arms and I walk you through the process of:

  • Becoming your own biggest cheerleader.
  • Turning the volume down on the outside noise and naysayers.
  • Flipping your flaws #likeaboss.
  • Reclaiming the energy you've been putting into people and things that do not light you up - and putting it into the people and things that speak to your most authentic self. 

So, if you're serious about finally moving past your lack of confidence in business (and in life), this opportunity is for you! 

Not eeeeegzackly sure what I'm talking about - or why you should care?


Ok. I'll break it down a bit. Let's talk about flipping your flaws. Little ditty here: Do you know what scares the absolute $h*t out of me?!

Pretty much ANYTHING having to do with annoying people in any way. TRUTH.

I’ve walked on eggshells most of my life, ran FAST from anything even REMOTELY resembling conflict, and will EXHAUST myself thinking, thinking again, and then AGAIN re-thinking most conversations I have with people to make sure I didn’t say anything that would be taken badly. And this is by no means an all-inclusive list.

You know what this has made me amazing at though?

Reading people. I’m a freaking Houdini when it comes to all things people. I pick up on the undercurrent of the undercurrent in two seconds flat in social situations… I blow my husband away every time. He can never figure out how I know things - things that take years to bubble to the surface sometimes.

Are you following me? These are the same exact trait!

Yes, I had people in my life growing up who weren’t very nice. They made me tiptoe around like a mouse most days. But had I not survived those people, I would not have the gifts I have today. And for those gifts, I’m genuinely thankful. They allow me to help women like YOU every day!

So, you saw what I did there... now, what are some of your “faults” that you can look at more completely today - right NOW?!

Are you stubborn? Sure - that may have led you into some sticky situations in the past, but I’m willing to bet you’re a survivor and you have yo’self some badass grit!

Are you sensitive?! GOOD!!! My fav!! You let it ALL IN - through those gorgeous senses of yours! Sure...

  • you can’t go to places like the mall or Vegas without freaking out and getting overwhelmed
  • when your kids are screaming, your brain may shut down
  • you may not multi-task like other people seem to be able to… but (!!!) you have a superpower.

When you flip that "flaw" of yours, there’s no end to the beauty it brings you. You see things in a special way - you pick up on the most subtle of things in the world - and honing this gift will serve your business (and life) for sure.


More specifically, who is this package for? Women like you who:

  • Want success in your businesses but are feeling stuck
  • Know you're meant for success, but just can’t get out of your own way
  • Can't seem to gather up enough energy to put yourself out there 
  • See everyone else having success around you and want it too… bad.
  • Are tired of putting the feelings of every other human in the world over your own! (I’m not talking your family. Being a mom, etc. means putting other people first sometimes. I’m talking about putting the feelings of Joe-Shmo over your own)
  • Feel like you are your own worst enemy sometimes and can't seem to do the things you know you need to do to be successful

And you are ready - like REALLY ready for:

  • Huge momentum in business
  • Unapologetic confidence to be your most authentic self in business and in life
  • More energy for your business and family
  • All the clarity you need - and then some

This is IT, ladies. It's time to get these things on lockdown.

Because you’ll know there are no limits for you when our work is done.

What you get with this unique program

private coaching sessions

Four one-on-one, hour-long coaching calls with me walking you through the exact method I used to

  • overcome my own limiting way of thinking
  • release my fear over what other people were thinking
  • make decisions #likeaboss instead of being stuck
  • finally take action instead of being paralyzed by overthinking
  • and soar past my fear of failure

You'll know through and through when our work is done that there is no end to what you can create in your business - and your life. 

Four modules

You'll get four detailed workbook modules to dig deep and get the most out of our work together.

Complete clarity surrounding who you are and what it is you want out of your business and your life. The first step to getting everything you want is identifying it and getting really specific. And that's what this first module is all about. 

You've been putting off your dream-life for long enough. Today, that changes. This powerful module is all about implementing your dreams immediately. 

Reprogramming your mind for success and releasing the negative thought patterns that have been on repeat in your mind. There's no way to step into the successful person you want to be without telling yourself some different stories about who you are and what you can do, you lovely human, you.

Flip the switch on doubts and fears and long-term tools to keep the momentum going in your business and in your beautiful life. 

Access Between Sessions

You've never felt this level of support before. This work is far from easy - but I believe it's the most important work you will do. And I am available between sessions for this very reason.

Some of the best growth for my clients takes place outside of our regularly scheduled sessions, and I want to make sure you get the most of our time together.

Total Transformation in 4 weeks flat

Investment: $690

Listen. Starting your own business AND BEING SUCCESSFUL at it will come with a few non-negotiables... one of them is for you to release your fear of what other people are thinking. And the sooner you do it, the sooner you'll get the success you deserve.

And may I say, if you’re experiencing this in business, you’re experiencing it in other areas of your life like your parenting, maybe your marriage, friendships for sure... because (!!!)

How we are in business is how we are in life.

That’s why when you learn the tools you need to learn to move past this HUGE limitation for your business, just TRY to not let it spill over into the rest of your life.

So - how can you move through this fast and furiously?

We can work together.

I can help you. I have a systematic way of setting you up to succeed by turning your focus away from all the noise of what others are thinking and focus on what really matters: YOU. If you are wanting success in your business - yet you are stuck with putting yourself out there because you’re worried of what people are going to think of you, book a free call with me IMMEDIATELY to see if we vibe!

Do not spend another SECOND of your LIFE living this way.

It’s exhausting and never-ending. I’ve been there.

And it’s so much lighter, freeing, and happier over here on the other side!

That's what I want that for you. Do you?!

If you do, book a call with me. to see if we're a good fit and snatch one of the very limited SPOTS for this program before they are gone!

Because I know one thing for sure...

You have a purpose. You have a mission And your work is needed! 

Love you the most xx, M