These are a few of my favorite things...

(If you're not singing The Sound Of Music right now, I'm mad)

This is a six-day video mini-course

This is FREE for the duration of my launch, then it will be available for purchase as a self-study course. 

In this mini-course, I walk you through:

  • Clarity in your personal strengths

  • Determining what it is you want in business and in life

  • Exploring business ideas that excite you

  • Trying on for size the four most popular virtual business models to see which one would be the best fit for you

Then (!!!) as a bonus, you'll also get my Success Generator: Where I share the top four mistakes I see women making in business (and in life) that keep them from achieving success - and actionable steps on how you can avoid those mistakes and get the success you deserve! 

MEADOW'S Fav Books

I love to read. These are my most-recommended-best-books-EVER for gearing up to put yourself out there! 



Awesome Meditation App to get your mind right

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