Do you believe this?! Because it's keeping you stuck.

The top MISCONCEPTIONS surrounding confidence and visibility in business...


You have to be void of self-doubt to act.
You have to have confidence to behave confidently.
You have to feel like being visible in your business in order to be visible in your business.
You need to feel READY to say and do the confident thing or put yourself out there.

(insert huge fart-noise here)

Self-doubt doesn't go away.
The only difference between you and people who are "farther-along-and-look-like-they-have-their-confident-shit-together" is they've learned to act despite any negative self-talk.

Confidence comes from doing confident things and putting yourself out there on a regular basis (ie: being visible).
If you want to feel confident before acting confidently - or putting yourself out there in business... you'll be waiting forever.

In the beginning, you aren't going to feel like doing scary things and putting yourself out there.
Do it anyway. That's how it becomes a strengthened habit. Hire a coach - get support. Set yourself up for success. Do not delay.

Ready is a myth. If you wait until you're ready, you're not going to do the things you KNOW in your gut you're meant to do in this lifetime. Stop waiting until you feel ready and jump.

Remember. You have a purpose, you have a mission, and your work is so very needed.