Struggling? Good...

Let's riff on struggle for a hot minute, yeah?

If you're a service-based, virtual business owner... you help your clients BECAUSE of the struggles you yourself have had, yeah?! How cool is that?!

I mean, not trying to get all Buddha on you or anything (maybe kinda), but any time we can check out our struggles with a vibe-o-gratitude, that's pretty effing cool.

Example: Because I struggled with confidence (or lack thereof) and being paralyzed by fear in doing anything where putting myself out there was on the menu... and moved out of that place into a reality where I'm now consistently and confidently putting myself out there in order to have the kind of success I now believe I deserve, I GET TO help other women do the same.

Because I struggled to build an on-brand and gorgeous website, and climbed that steep AF learning curve, I GET TO help other women do the same.

Did you catch that language I'm rocking?


So... let's reframe some struggles for YOU, now shall we?

What do you GET TO DO today because of a struggle you've moved through?

How do you GET TO help others today because of a struggle you've moved through?

What do you GET TO SAY today about your life because of a struggle you've moved through?

Pretty cool, huh? I mean - come to think of it, if that's the case - we can start to do some cartwheels and stuff when we're in the MIDDLE of a struggle now, right? No? Not there yet? Too much? K. I'll stop.

But (!!!) I think we can all get on board with the fact that our struggles have given us our most treasured gifts. And helping people move through a struggle we've endured and moved through is probably the most awesome and soul-filling act to do as humans.

Now. You have a purpose. You have a mission. And your work is so very needed.

Don't you doubt it for another second - you have work to do, you amazing woman, you!

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