The two ways to do business. Which one are you?

There are two ways to do business

(or anything in life really - but let's chat business because das what I do! I help female entrepreneurs scale those pesky confidence and visibility hurdles on your way to #allthesuccess by creating fierce clarity surrounding your brand and getting you a kickass website!)

Which way do you do business?

Do you announce your business (or "what you're thinking of doing" as you put it) meekly - maybe to a friend or two - maaaaaaybe you even do a post on social media (then take it down when no one "likes" it)...

What you're doing when you do business this way (said with love and the hope for you to look at it with your eyes wide open here - because chances are if you're doing business this way, you're doing other things this way too... and it's not freaking serving you!) is you're giving yourself a safe out.

You just made it suuuuuuper easy to call it quits when it gets hard.

Which, may I remind you that I've never talked to anyone who created anything worth creating (business or otherwise) that wasn't hard at some point or another - so let's just get on board with the fact that it'll be hard at some point.

So yeah - you're out. And pretty unscathed too because no one really knew what you were doing (or thinking about doing) anyway. WHEW!!! (<-- or is it?)

The other way to do business. ALL MUTHAEFFING IN.

You shout it from the proverbial rooftops. You jump off the proverbial cliff. You basically get your business tattooed on your forehead so everyone you talk to on the street knows what you're doing.

You get behind your business, your brand, and your service SO DAMN MUCH you make it so when it DOES get rough, you're unflappable. Unshaken.

You're like the honey-badger of business women.

You made your success non-negotiable. And I DIG that about you. You jumped in all the way.

Something I know about people who do business this second way is you it's imperative to have a clear vision of your brand.

You know - through and through - that clarity surrounding who you're meant to help, what they're struggling with, and being able to paint a clear picture of what it can look like on the other side of that struggle... that's the difference between attracting client after client after client - or just confusing everyone you're talking to. THAT'S THE BUTTA BABY!

Knowing your brand in this way is knowing your worth - knowing the value you provide your clients.

Suresuresure, you throw a color palette and font combo up in there that energetically vibes with that foundation of your brand - that's after you've done the work to get really clear though.

So, if you're all in on your business - ready for confidence and clarity surrounding your brand - and excited to make client convos a breeze... HOLLA at me!

This is my jam! And I can't wait to watch it all come together you honey-badger, you 😂🤣😂🤣🤷‍♀️

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