What are your non-negotiables?

What are your non-negotiables?

Hint: When your gorgeous head hits the pillow at the end of the day, what do you HAVE to have done in order to feel complete - like you did this day proud - like you’re all good?

For me, they’ve changed a bit over time. Pre-children, call me an underachiever, but my one non-negotiable was to have moved my body. It was so weird - when my head hit the pillow, I could have crossed off a #crapton from my to-do list… but if I hadn’t prioritized moving my body, I felt like I hadn’t finished the day. I felt incomplete.

And vice-versa, if I didn’t get ONE THING done that day, but I moved my body? (Preferably outside breathing fresh air and all that goodness) then it was all good - I felt lovely when my head hit the pillow.

You have these things too... non-negotiables... and the more you can name them, the better chance you have of DOING THEM and having that "yaaaaas!!" feeling at the end of your lovely days.

And don't worry - they'll change - like everything in life ❤️

Over the last couple years, I’ve added some non-negotiables to my list.

When my head hits the pillow at night, if I haven’t prioritized:

✨Moving my body

✨Creating the time and space to bring forth the message I feel inspired to share

✨Create connection and presence with my family

Then I feel off.

And a lil' something about the words I used with the 2nd and 3rd non-negotiables… CREATING time, space, connection.

That’s on purpose.

We all have something to share and put out into the world. I don’t care if you feel pulled to paint a picture, write a book, speak a message, whatever… it’s what's within you that needs to be HONORED in order to be created.

And to do that, you must put a protective space and time barrier around it.

You must create an environment where what is within you GETS TO come out.

You have a purpose. You have a mission. And your work is so very needed.

So, what are your non-negotiables?

Again - they don’t need to make sense - they can be like - hey, if I haven’t Q-tiped my ears, I just feel weird at the end of the day. Who knows?! Haha!

Love you the most, xx