Are you ready?

There comes a time when you’ve just got to jump.

Start the business. Invest in the support. Make it non-friggen-negotiable. Speak your message. Share your truth. DECLARE you’re all in on your purpose.

Bring forth that which is within you. Bring forth that which is tugging at you to be created.

You’ve been getting ready to get ready for long enough.

It’s go-time.

And the scary part? This just hit you right in the gut. It’s got you charged.

In other words, you know I’m right.

Here’s the thing though. This is where the magic gets to kick in.

The magic of TRUST.

You’ve got to breath into TRUST and jump.


It will all work out.

You have everything you need to create the success you want.

This is your path.

This is your mission.

What you have to say? It matters.

People are waiting to hear it and read it and soak it into their cells and let it change their lives.

So. It’s time. You’re ready.

The details that are muddy still? They’ll fall into focus at the perfect time.

After you jump.

The fear you’re feeling? That’s because this is your path. If it didn’t scare you, it wouldn’t be your next move. Fear melts into excitement.

After you jump.

The mind-chatter? Failure. What-are-people-going-to-think/say/do. What-if-it-sucks… yada yada yada? That goes away almost immediately.

After you jump.

I’ll say it again.

It’s time. You’re ready.

Love you the most, xx

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