My end-of-year/new year wish for you

My end-of-year/new year wish for you:

May you look back at all you’ve done over the last year with gentle eyes.

Knowing that you, of course, have so much more you want to do - but that, yes - you’ve done a helluvalot.

You can take a #hotsec to breathe, do a lil' dance, and honor all you HAVE accomplished.

We wonderful and silly humans will ALWAYS have some new goal appear on the horizon once we hit our original goal.

Downside: we’re never “there”
Upside: we’re never bored

I liken it to traveling west chasing sunsets (something I did once during a cross country trip to CA). The sun sets - you drive a bit more - you get to see the sun set again - and again - and again. Because those gorgeous sunsets just keep appearing on the horizon as you continue to drive west.

You are less likely to soak in the beauty and magic of one sunset when you're focused on chasing the next one.

It’s (kinda?) the same with your goals.

You have a goal. You hit said goal. You may do a lil’ dance for a minute, but then you see your next goal on the horizon.

Sometimes you became fixated on that new goal even before hitting your original goal which made hitting original goal not satisfying in the least… just because you’re focused on that new goal on the horizon.

So you may not have even given yourself a chance to dance and celebrate for even that short minute!

Feelin’ me?

Here’s the point. My wish for you as you release 2018 and step into 2019 is to breathe into all you’ve accomplished over the last year.

I know you have more you want to do - and I love that about you.

But that’s not what this is about. It’s about looking at where you are right now with gratitude - calm gratitude - joyful gratitude - and peace.

It’s about knowing you’re exactly where you need to be.

It’s about being excited about where you want to go - and what more you want to create… and knowing you have everything you need within you to create all of that and more.

There's no need to question whether or not it’s going to happen for you. Because you are setting yourself up for success as we step into the new year.

So, you get to be giddy.

You get to be right here right now - looking up at the sky to acknowledge the magic of this very moment. YOUR very moment.

If you can’t do that, my dearest one, you’re going to get “there” someday and you’re going to be so exhausted and disconnected… you’re not even going to know you’re “there.”

WAIT. Maybe, just maybe, you’re already there?

Yes. That's it. Happy 2019!

Love you the most,

There are still 2 more days to take me up on the $500 off setting yourself up for the highest level of success in 2019. Stepping into confidence and energy and peace in 2019. I know you have a lot you still want to create for yourself and your life. Let’s get you creating those things with joy, gratitude, and a knowing that’s effing unshakable.