Don't forget THIS while you're decluttering...

I see you over there KonMaring all your shit. And I dig it.

There’s something so freeing about cultivating a space and a home that both inspires and energizes.


You’re forgetting to KonMarie your BELIEFS!

Yes. Just as important - if not more so - as moving through your belongings and asking yourself if they spark joy, is moving through your beliefs about yourself and the world around you and asking yourself the same thing:

“Does this belief I hold about myself and the world around me SPARK JOY?!”

Now. Here’s the important part. It’s what I love MOST about KonMarie and her method.

I honestly don’t watch the show, but I read her books when they both first came out and though I may not fold my socks-n-underwear so they stand up on their own, I love the philosophy and apply it pretty regularly to my stuuuuuff.

Here the part I love most: When something does NOT spark joy - or leave you feeling energized - you THANK IT, and lovingly release that bad boy.

Here's what you do NOT do...

You don’t throw it on the floor and kick it.

You don’t yell at it - or yourself for holding onto it for so long.

You don’t freak the eff out.


Now I’m all yelling-n-shit. I’m fired up. But seeeeriously. It’s key.

If you’re walking around holding onto a belief that no longer makes you feel good:

👉that you can’t be successful doing work that lights you up...

👉that you don’t get to make a boatload of money doing work you love.

👉that you need to sacrifice your time/energy/passion in order to be successful and make money…

👉(THESE AREN’T SERVING YOU and you have GOT to let them go.)

BUT with love & curiosity… and maybe even a little gratitude. You aren’t going to yell at those beliefs - call them names - or berate yourself for how long you’ve held onto them. You hear me?

Here’s how this gets to go down:

1. You acknowledge that you’re holding onto a belief that no longer feels good. Maybe you notice that you feel you don’t have anything of importance to say - or that people will judge you and your message if you put yourself out there.

2. CURIOSITY: You go, “Oooh - wow! Interesting! I see how that’s kept me from really putting myself out there - thinking that I don’t have anything important to say! Interesting!”

3. GRATITUDE: Thank that belief… “THANK YOU belief… I know you allowed me to stay in my comfort zone and allowed me to feel safe and protected in the past - free from potential criticism, whatever.”

Maybe you weren’t ready to put yourself out there - but now you are. That belief kept you safe during a time when any sort of negativity would have quite literally paralyzed you and sent you straight into a fetal-position sucking your thumb. But not any more. You’re a big girl and you’re ready. So...

4. You acknowledge that you would like to hold a different belief:

👉That you have a message that needs to be heard

👉That you get to do work that energizes you

👉That you get to make a buttload of money doing it

👉That you are worthy of it all…

5. You feel uncomfortable if need be. It’s ok. Releasing these beliefs can be uncomfortable - but it can be easy - let it be easy. But if you’re uncomfortable, know you’re normal. And that I’ve felt uncomfortable with most beliefs I’ve released over the last 3+ years I’ve been doing myself some intense inner work.

So, yes - so if you’re uncomfortable, that’s ok.

6. Pick up new belief that feels good.

Start to think it to yourself. Write it down. Say it out-loud to yourself when you’re driving. Etc...

This is what that does. It reprograms your brain to start picking up evidence to support your new belief. Magical.

Your brain will then scan the world around you for evidence supporting the belief that you are a big girl ready for success and ready to put you and your message out there on a big and bold level. That your work is needed. That there are SO MANY people doing soul-work that lights them up and making awesome money (me). That you are growing. And that’s the whole point.


(For me, that’s several (thousand) times a day. Who’s with me.)

But hey - you have a mission. You have a purpose. And your work? It’s so freaking needed. So do this now and do this often.

Release with love, release.

Doesn’t that feel good?!

Love you the most, xx


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Meadow Cropsey