Stop Comparing and Start Looking Inward

One of my clients just made $2,400 in our first week of coaching... NO opt-in - NO website - NO sales funnel - NO message or branding.

And you're over here trying to figure out what business strategy and message/branding will bring in the most money for your business.

You think that since so-and-so is doing live video and it's working really well for them - you should be doing live video. Even though your art is writing. But no one reads posts anymore. WRONG.

You think even though you want to talk about xyz - that it won't sell... and so you're trying to sell this other thing because it's just better business.


You think that the only way to attract clients is to set up some FB ads. And you have to have an opt-in, and a sales funnel, and a CRM, and a gorgeous $6k website, and you have to set up hot AF leadpages and.... WRONG!

I'm getting overwhelmed just WRITING this!

Each one of those ways of "doing your business" is taking you farther and farther away from your magic. Your own personal brand of unique awesome.

How would it feel to know that I've built a successful business.

💥That has brought it over 5 figures in one month.

💥Working 12 hrs./week.

💥Email list? Less than 10 who read my shit.

💥And zero opt-in. (Full disclosure. I had one once. It's no longer a thing. I may revamp it if I feel like it. But right now, I'm all meh about it.)

ANYWAY. How does that feel? You want to punch me? Good - haha! You know though, you can do it too.

Stop looking over at so-and-so for their business strategy and start looking inward. That's the good shit right there.

You have everything you need right now to create the success you want.

You don't need half the shit you think you do. Stop getting ready to get ready and just do the damn thing.

Scared? Good. That means you're on the right path. If it didn't scare you, it wouldn't be your path.

Love you the most, xx