What are you willing to DO to get what you WANT?

What are you willing to do to get what you want?

The answer will always come back to this: Are you willing to BELIEVE you can have it?

But let’s look at this a lil’ more... because if you’re like me, I’m all, “But what does that meeeeean?!”

It means this: Are you willing to release your old, limiting beliefs? Are you willing to act as if? Are you willing to be uncomfortable until you actually believe the new belief that is going to serve you better than your old, limiting belief?

Old, limiting belief: “There’s no way I could make money doing something I love.”
Scary, new belief: “I’m willing to do work I love and make money doing it.”

Here’s the thing with scary new beliefs though. We have to take them on before we actually believe them. We have to have a period - a phase - an incubation of sorts where we feel COMPLETELY UNCOMFORTABLE saying - and flipping the switch on - and incorporating this new belief.

This all starts when you realize all of your thoughts are simply beliefs.

It goes on to you identifying the thoughts/beliefs that are serving you and identifying the thoughts/belief that are no longer serving you.

Tangential Aside: Believing you don’t get to make money doing work you love did indeed serve you at one point. Maybe it still does. It keeps you safe from putting yourself out there and possibly falling flat on your face (which hurts - I’ve done it) and choosing to get back up again and again and again BECAUSE you recommit to that new and expansive and scary NEW BELIEF that is going to serve the YOU you want to be in this world.

It goes on even further to you CHOOSING to release the old belief and adopt a new belief.

Queue: Incubation period of wild discomfort. Queue: Time when most people throw in the towel and go back to the old way of thinking and therefore, living.

But that’s not you.

So, I ask you again: What are you willing to do to get what you want?

I know what your answer is. I know, because I said the same thing when I was where you are:

I’m willing to do WHAT IT TAKES.

Let’s make it non-negotiable, then.

I have TWO openings for 1:1 clients this month. You’re ready to make it non-negotiable.