There's a reason you're not successful

There’s a reason you’re not as successful as you want to be.

There’s a reason you’re not influencing at the level you want.

There’s a reason you’re not showing up as powerfully as you know you can.


You’ve been walking around like a pressure cooker ready to freaking POP for way too long.

So, hear me when I say, SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH is now one of your non-negotiables. Daily.

Unleash the eff out of that message of yours.

You’ve been ignoring it for way too long.

And here are the results of you ignoring it.

Instead of unleashing your message. You’ve been blowing up at your kids - your spouse - the world.

Eating way too much food that doesn’t feel good.

Drinking way too much drank that doesn’t feel good.

Buying way too much shit you don’t even like.

But here's the thing. Here's the shift. Here's what's up.

You’re not craving more food. More alcohol. More shit.

What you’re craving craving is the RELEASE.

A RELEASING of your message. The message you OWE the people who are sitting around waiting to be inspired by you.

And if you choose to keep that message in? You’re going to go nuts and freak the fuck out. You’re going to keep getting fatter, drunker, and collect even more shit you don’t even like.

You have a platform. Speak. You have a business. Support. You have a calling. Answer it.

I may not know your message, but I know you. Something shifted maybe even just as you're reading my words...

You’re now no longer available to freak the fuck out. You’re no longer available to unleash in ways that feel like shit.

You’re only available to unleash in ways that feel good to you:

💥Open your mouth - your computer - your journal. Unleash. You can’t know the ripple this will cause.

💥Exercise. Move your gorgeous and sexy AF body in ways that feel amazing. Empowering. Connecting.

💥Sex. No justification or validation needed. So good.

💥Sing Thunder Road with the windows down at the top of your lungs. Preferably with your BFF.

💥Impromptu dance party of the highest caliber - living room - loud AF - no other way.

Say it with me, You now only unleash in empowering ways that feel vibrant and healthy and serving from now on.

Claim it. Own it. And so it is.

You powerful and inspiring woman, you.

Love you the most, xx


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