Are you too much?

Oh. Are you “too much”? Good. Listen up. This is for you.

No one can use anything of yours against you if you don’t let them.

✨They can’t call you too loud if you’re not available for being shamed for being too loud.

But let’s be honest - you’re freaking loud. You laugh with your head back - mouth wide open. Me too.

✨They can’t call you too intense if you’re not available for being shamed for being intense.

Just because someone can’t fucking handle the way you look directly into their soul when you’re talking… that’s on them. Grow a sac.

I dated a dude in college who couldn’t handle it. He was all, “Stop looking at me so intensely!” I was all, “But, you’re talking. I’m listening.” He was all, “It’s too much!” Poor dude. It didn’t last.

I like to stare into your soul and I only tolerate people who allow me to do so.

✨You can’t be shamed for your loud-ass sneezes if you’re not available for being shamed for your loud-ass sneezes. True talk though, you’ll never pass on a mini-orgasm.

Oh you didn’t know? Yeah - sneezing affects the same area of your brain that’s stimulated when you orgasm.


NO ONE. I repeat, not one single person on this planet can make you feel like your body is too much.

Your boobs are perfect. Your ass is perfect. Your belly is fucking perfect. And your body is perfect.

In fact, you’re sexy AF. And the fact that YOU KNOW IT is terrifying because in the past you’ve felt unsafe.

Like, maybe you were really young when the attention started. And you didn’t know how to handle it. Nasty things that have been said about your body - you’ve let them in - you’ve allowed them to shift the way you’ve showed up in the world. You’ve allowed them to shrink you. It was safer.

Until now. And you’re ready to step into releasing that. That’s why this is so fun for you to read.

People cannot use anything against you that you’re unavailable to entertain.

If you’re unavailable for being made to feel like you’re too much, then you’ll just keep doing your thing. And that’s what I’m holding space for you to step into.

Being unavailable for anyone to use YOU against YOU.

It’s not even a thing anymore. Done. Gone. Buh-Buy.

Now. Throw on the outfit of yours that shows off your perfect body. Speak the message you’re DYING to speak. And for fecks-sake… SNEEZE.

Love you the most, xx