You're stuck

Business not running as smoothly as you'd like? Tripped up on your "flighty" message? Can’t seem to figure out what you’re meant to put out there?

You’re letting the necessary changes and tweaks mean something they’re not. You’re letting them get to you. You think they’re bad.

Let’s back up a bit though.

FIRST, on an overarching level, you have it backwards. You’re looking for evidence - and only THEN you can believe. 

NO. That’s not how it works.

With all things in life - yes, this is a universal law - you must FIRST have trust - FIRST have faith - FIRST believe - then the “evidence” shows up in your life.

When starting your business, you needed to have some amount of faith and trust and belief it was all going to work out for you. You needed this BEFORE jumping off the proverbial cliff of starting.

But you didn’t realize you were going to have to keep conjuring up massive amounts of faith, belief, and trust THROUGHOUT your business in order to keep. on. going.

But you do.

You’re going to need to revisit this FAITH when you realize things need to shift in your business:

Your message needs tweaking
Your being called to show up even bigger
You’re being led to help different people than before
You need support

Yeah. You thought when you “launched” your business, that was it. You had the faith. You believed you were going to do great things. You started. AWESOME. You thought you were done.

You were all, “Phew! I did it! Now, let’s just get going with the money-making and the people-helping and the message-speaking shall we?!”

No. That's first.

SECOND. You’re letting the necessary changes and tweaks mean something they’re not. You’re letting them be a bad thing. They’re not.

Creating a business from your soul-work is very literally creating the woman you’re meant to be.


You are working your way to becoming the highest version of yourself. Stripping off layer after layer that is between you and her.

And that means if you’re doing it right, on the cellular level, you’re not the woman you were even yesterday.

So, you’re no longer the woman who launched your business. Stop trying to speak the same message as that woman.

Launching your business is scary AF. And it brought you several layers closer to the highest version of yourself.

The woman you were when you launched needed that message in order to start. To jump off the proverbial cliff to put herself out there.

THANK THAT MESSAGE. Thank it. But stop thinking it can’t change. 

So, when you realize your message isn’t in alignment anymore - tweak it. AND BOOM. You’re even more stripped down into the highest version of yourself.

So, when you’re called to tweak - to change - to make adjustments. And you get tripped up and think of throwing in the towel because of what someone might think, or say, or do in response to those changes… you’re forgetting that this isn’t even about them! Haha! It’s about YOU. (Oh - and they’re monitoring your energy anyway - they’re not even tracking you word-for-word)

Yes. You’re doing this work because it is bringing you closer to the highest version of yourself.

You’re doing this because you can’t NOT do it. You can’t NOT show up as the next level version of yourself once you feel the pull. You can’t NOT put yourself out there.

The alternative is you living and showing up as less than your whole self. And that’s not even an option anymore.

And I dig that about you.

Love you the most, xx M