Results vs. Action

Did you know you have it all wrong?

It doesn’t actually MATTER what the results of your actions are… it’s that you DO THE DAMN THANG!

Want to hear more? Cool. Let me tell you a story about the first time I asked out a dude.

Now. I had never done this before. I was suuuuuuper nervous. This was circa my early 20s. And I was completely freaked out about whether or not this guy was going to laugh in my face.

But here’s what happened when I (finally) worked up the courage to just ask. I DIDN’T EVEN CARE WHAT HE WAS GOING TO SAY!

Seriously - once I DID IT, I didn’t care whether or not he said yes or no, I was just so damn proud of myself for having the ovaries to even ASK!

Oh - he said yes by the way - in case you were wondering. Didn’t really matter - we only dated for like a second. But to this day, I still get all self-high-fivey when I think of it. I want to give MYSELF boobie-bumps still. Is that a thing? Totes.

Anyway - it’s the same for you too. If you’re getting your panties in a bunch of the damn OUTCOME of your actions - you’re doing a couple things that are so not cool.

You’re (1) bringing yourself out of the present. And we know what Buddha would say about that. Don’t go against Buddha. Get yourself where you belong and back into this very moment!

And (2) you’re bringing yourself out of the PROCESS of the action you’re taking. And we both know, it’s all about the process. When you’re doing the things that light you up - energize you - and highlight your gifts to the world, you’re DOING IT RIGHT.

So, if you’re worried about the outcome of that, you’re poking a big ol’ hole in your energy hose.

This is one of my favorite analogies. You’re a hose. (Not a hoe - a hose). And the water coming out of the end of that hose is the way you’re showing up in the world.

If you have a hole in the hose, the water coming out at the end is going to be less than what it could be. And (!!!) if you have a shit-ton of holes in your hose-o-energy… you’re going to be reduced to a trickle.

No one wants to be a trickle. Identify what pokes a hole in your energy hose and take care of it.

Agonizing about HOW your actions are going to turn out (instead of just doing the damn thing) is an energy leak in your hose. You’ll be showing up in a less powerful way.

And how many times have you agonized over doing something only to finally DO IT and wonder what took you so long?!

Right? Every time. So just skip ahead and take action for the sake of taking action.

✨The action is what gives you energy.
✨The action is what fills you up.
✨The action is what is sharing your gifts with the world.
✨What action will you take right now?