Want vs. Need

What do you want?

Is it from a place of need? Or from a place of want?

This is important. Listen up.

If you want something because you NEEEEED it and can’t live without it and you’ll just go and hide under a rock if you can’t have it kind of way, that’s some pretty repelling energy.

Pretty sure you’re keeping that bitch at arms-length then.

That energy of need is going to get you a whole lot of feeling like shit (because you don’t have the thing that will “complete you”) and why don’t you have it? I.e.: what does it SAY about you that you don’t have it?

Whereas, if you want something simply because you want it and love it and are so excited to receive it and just can’t wait to experience it… do you feel the difference? It’s more playful. Curious. MAGNETIC.

You don’t need anything. You don’t need anything to be SUCCESSFUL in your business or happy in your life.

You have everything you need right now.

YES. Look around you. Take a deep breath. Relax those shoulders of yours. And know this is your truth.

You have everything you need right now to create the business you want.

You don’t need me. And yet - if you want to link arms with me - and walk this journey of creating the business you were always meant to create - fast - with a shitton of bellylaughs… and probably some pee.

Always some pee.

Then fuck yeah. Let’s do the thing. Hiring me to support you on your journey - to remind you of who the fuck you ARE on a soul-level. That’s my magic. That’s my gift for you. My gift to the world. And that’s a want you can WANT to experience simply for the joy of experiencing a co-creation of your unique version of success

But you don’t need me. You already have you. And you’re magical AF on your own. I just get to remind you of that and hold space for you to never fucking forget it.

Love you the most, xx