The time I got covered in POOP

Want to hear a story where I end up being covered in cow poop? AND hear a fun fact?

Cool. Here you go.

Did you know that affirmations are the mother-effing BOMB?!???! (this ties in to the point, promise)

Anyway, they are. Let's just get on board with that right now.

You start feeling awesome IMMEDIATELY as you're saying OUT LOUD to the universe, "I'm so hot. I'm super successful. Yada yada yada!" #amIright?!

Well... did you ALSO know that affirmations work even BETTER if you say them WHILE you're moving yo gorgeous body?!

They do.

So. Fun story for ya.

I live out in the middle of nowhere. Like - farms all around - no cell service - cows-fo-neighbors-n-shit - the middle of nowhere.

I'm out walking saying my affirmations (obvi) the other day and a poo truck (pictured below) is making the rounds. He's doing the exact loop I’m walking. Filling up his tanker with poo - heading to a farm to empty it so the tractor can spread it - then heading to refill again.

On repeat. For my entire walk. Every four minutes this dude is passing me.

And get this. Every time he passes me, I’M GETTING SPRAYED WITH SHIT.

Like literally covered head-to-the-tips-of-my-duck-boot-toes with poooooooo.

So, here I am talking about how sexy and successful I am WHILST being sprayed down with manure.

Do you know how I felt?!?

Pretty effing hilarious. Like - I was laughing out loud. (Paying extra close attention to keep my mouth shut for obvious reasons)

So. here’s the point. Get some things you can say that really embody exactly how you want your life to be (a.k.a. An affirmation) and go out - move your body - and say them today.

And while you’re at it, picture me doing the same while covered in feces. Try not to laugh. I dare you.

You’re welcome. Laughing will only help. Because combining giggles with affirmations AND movement?!

#getouttahere with that genius. I can’t even.