Wanting Evidence Before Going All In

I want it too. To know - like really KNOW - that it all gets to work out.

To REALLY KNOW - not just cultivate that trust and faith for it all working out that I preach.

As in God literally tells me in a human audible and recordable voice, “This is all going to work out, Meadow. It’s safe to go balls deep, yo.”

That’s totes what God would say. God made balls. Why not use them in reference to going all in on your dreams?!

Here’s the thing. You are always going to want to know 100% that it’ll work out before going all in. Before investing your time, money, energy, whatever…

AND you have got to sit back into the faith and belief before the evidence shows up for you.

There’s always that blind faith point in all the success stories… the part where you just say, this is what I want, fuck it, let’s go - and then you jump.

I’ve had several.

They’re scary AF.

And they’re necessary. I’ve needed to believe first. I’ve needed to have faith and trust first. Before I have the personal evidence.

That’s as powerful as it gets, folks.

Because jumping and going all in… here’s what it says. In big, bold, neon letters. Across a billboard in your sky. That you believe you are worthy of whatever it is you want.


You HAVE the evidence. It’s all around you. There’s not one thing you desire that someone else isn’t enjoying to their hearts content right. fucking. now.

So there’s your evidence. It’s realistic.

What you DON’T have the evidence for is that you’re worthy of it. That you’re capable of it.

That you can have it: the body, the business, the love… anything you want. It comes down to you believing YOU are worthy of it.

So there’s your cliff-jumping moment. Claim this shit and repeat after me, “You know what - it’s possible - I want it - I’mma just do the damn thing.”


You’re worth it. You’re worthy of it. Now just fucking listen to God and go balls deep already.

If you need some laughs, support, and to link arms on the way down, holla at me. This is my jam.

Love you the most, xx