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Exhaustion, Overwhelm, and BURNOUT

You’re a sensitive entrepreneur, artist, writer, and creative.
AND (!!!!!)
You’re exhausted.
You’re overwhelmed. Treating yourself like shit. Talking to yourself like shit. Pushing so damn hard. Wondering why you’re not farther along. Expecting more from yourself. You know better. You should be DOING better. QUEUE hibernation and complete shut-down.

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I woke up in the shittiest mood

I woke up in the shittiest mood.

Telling myself this and that about who I am - what I’m doing - the value it has.

What specifically was I thinking?
👉🏼Who the hell do you think you are, Meadow?
👉🏼Do you honestly believe what you’re saying has ANY importance whatsoever?!
👉🏼Seriously. There are a million people in this space saying the same shit. Better. Why fucking bother.
👉🏼Oh. And you’re fat 😂😂

Listen. And listen fucking good. Because how your life plays out DEPENDS on this next thing I’m going to say to you.

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Master Your Fear... {FREE TRAINING}


I’ll put the link in the comments.

I’m BURSTING! To work 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyone who knew me in my past-life-jobs will be cracking up (I was a horrible employee)

When you’re doing the work you’re meant to do, you CRAVE it.

There’s been a lot going on in my family. And it’s taken me away from my work, live video in particular.

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What's Available For You

Today in the workshop I facilitated for my 1:1 clients, I supported them in strengthening their connection to the work they’re meant to do in the world, the energy they’re meant to be in the world, and the light they’re meant to shine on the world.

I helped them thin the veil between their subconscious and their conscious minds - rooting deep and unapologetically into their purpose. Their potential. Their mission.

They left feeling high.

One client said…

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When you want to crawl into a hole...

When building your business is hard. When it’s all making you want to say EFF THIS, crawl into a hole, and never come out…

You may think that’s a sign you’re on the wrong path. But it’s not.

It’s a sign you’re building your business out of alignment.

It’s a sign you’re not being fully supported as a sensitive entrepreneur, artist, and writer.

Listen, you get to do the work you’re meant to do in this world, be successful, and inspire the shit out of yourself along the way.

AND you’re sensitive.

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I made over $15k last month...

I made over $15k (cash received) last month coaching sensitive entrepreneurs, artists, and writers.

Do you know what that means?

It means I’m proof you can be successful doing exactly what you wanna be doing. Cause that’s some random shit right there!

So, when I come at you demanding more, it’s to snap you out of playing the games people tell you to play to be successful.

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Do you need to "heal"...??

Let’s chat healing. And your belief that you need to “heal” in order to get down to the business of living.

I have a different way to look at it.

Here’s the thing… if you believe that this whole beautiful life of yours is happening FOR you. That it’s all rigged. That each and every thing placed in your path molds you into the person you’re meant to become: the highest version of yourself…

Then it’s all beautiful.

And all necessary to make you the person you need to BE in order to create what you need to CREATE in this lifetime. To support the people you’re meant to support.

Here’s the thing about this belief: It’s finite. You can’t think that 99.9% of things in your life are happening FOR you, and .1% are shit.

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You. At 100%

In what areas are you shrinking back from giving us all you got. 100%
You know when you do SOMETHING and the results you get are MIND BLOWING?
You start eating food that feels amazing in your body, and your body responds by looking hot AF.
You do some push-ups consistently, and your arms start looking badass.
You share your message - your art - and it’s hitting exactly the energy imagined. You didn’t hold back. It all came out - through you - into the world.
But then it gets to be too much. Too hot. Too badass. Too powerful.
And you start telling yourself…

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Charging Your Worth

Why are you not charging for your art? Your message? Your support?
Ain’t that some shit?!
It’s because it comes so easily to you - you don’t even believe how valuable it is, or how magical you are!
So, number one, get on board with the fact that - no - not everyone can do what you do.
Now. Let’s talk about what comes next. Once you acknowledge what you do is valuable. You then get to believe and trust people want what you have to offer. And you get to start putting yourself out there in faith.
You brave woman.
This is where it’s actually easier to walk away believing no one will buy your shit. Because when you’re putting your art and your message out there, you’re 100% vulnerable. And that’s scary.

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Decision-Making 101

You know why you’re struggling making a got’damn decision?
Because there’s too much heaviness and negative meaning surrounding who you are as a woman in regards to said decision.
WHEN THERE’S NO CHARGE OR TRIGGER, you’re a great decision-maker!
BUT (!!!!) when there’s ANY heavy meaning placed on a decision - i.e.: when it means something about you as a woman in this world, fugeddaboudit. You can be up in your brain all day long - sometimes for months - years even… because you’re stuck.

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