"I owe so much of my success and personal growth to Meadow..."


From the moment I met Meadow I knew I met someone special.  She has a gift for listening, analyzing, and HELPING and the best part is, she is someone who you naturally want to be around and talk to. She just gets it. Meadow has helped me realize the things that have been getting in the way of my success and she has this amazing way of asking JUST the right questions to allow that kind of deeper thinking. I can’t even tell you how many aha moments I have had during my sessions with her. It’s fireworks - Every. Single. Time. I owe so much of my success and personal growth to my work with Meadow - she’s truly a gift!


"Meadow is exactly what an entrepreneur needs when they feel stuck or are just getting started."


"If you are looking for a mix of fierce business tactics and a no BS mindset shift to get you into action, combined with lots of laughs and fun along the way Meadow is the perfect fit. She has a way of listening to you then immediately knowing what you need and how to get you there. Her creativity is unmatched and working with her is exactly what an entrepreneur needs when they feel stuck or are just getting started."


"Meadow is gifted..."

"Meadow is gifted. Working with her gave me clarity on an issue that had bogged me down for quite a while -- I came away with the ability to map out a great solution to this problem. I am excited to see a change in my business as a result! Not only did I receive some very helpful ideas, but the process was very collaborative and motivating. Meadow also gave me extra resources so that I could use to focus on specific skills in between coaching sessions. Thank you, Meadow!"


"Meadow coaches you in the direction you want to be going..."


"The session we did really moved a few things in me. I’d been debating between a few different employment opportunities and Meadow’s questions and reflections helped me realize a few things about my motivations. She’s helped me to identify where my energizing ideas are, what really charges me up and what I really want to be doing. I feel like Meadow listens with her eyes and heart and I felt really safe exploring ideas with her. I’ve revisited thoughts from our session again and again in the past week as I’ve moved ahead on my ideas and I have felt more confident when taking those next steps. 
Meadow asks the tough questions my friends haven’t wanted to bother me with, but that exploration has really helped me see how I’ve been fooling myself in some ways which lead to big breakthroughs! I just needed to talk it through with someone who doesn’t just cheer you on where you are, but coaches you in the direction you want to be going. That someone has been Meadow for me."


"A conversation with Meadow changed my life!"

10 years ago, a conversation with Meadow CHANGED MY LIFE! I know everyone says things like that....but I really mean it. Within 10 minutes of meeting me, she called me out on my self-deprecating language and convinced me that I was WORTHY of love and respect. Hugs and kisses and soooo much good luck to you Meadow on your new (but not really new) endeavor. You were BORN to do this work, gorgeous girlfriend!


"I hope everyone can find their own Meadow..."

"Meadow. Where do I even start?! Meadow is one of THE most empathetic, down-to-earth, real people I know. It makes talking to her about personal and sometimes difficult things easier than you'd imagine going into it. I will readily admit that before every session, my gut reaction was to cancel, to avoid facing my challenges, but as soon as we started, I was so grateful that I followed through. After every session, I had actionable goals, which I personally need, and Meadow followed up on them the very next session. The best part is that Meadow is very empowering, and inspiring, but not judging or condemning. I hope everyone can find their own Meadow in their life :)"


"Our time together was a big reminder that this is my life and I can make it be what I want..."

Before the session, I would say I was feeling anxious. So much going on... After we talked, I definitely felt like a weight had been lifted. Hearing Meadow understand, empathize, and reflect back that my feelings are normal felt pretty darn amazing.  But also gently remind me that choices I make are mine, the way I handle situations is up to me, and that I don’t need to hold things in if they bother or upset me in anyway. That I don’t have to give all of myself... I need to save a little of myself for me. Our time together was a big reminder that this is my life and I can make it be what I want.


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