You’re no salesperson.

(Not even close) 

Yet, here you are!

You see people having success with a product or service-based online businesses

You’re wondering if you can have success too

(You Can)

You’re wildly uncomfortable being salesy and pushy

You’ve heard there’s another way

(There Is)

You’ve been posting (sort of) consistently

People aren’t banging down your door to buy from you

(posting alone doesn’t work)

You’re starting to question whether being an entrepreneur is really for you.

It is. If you want it to be.

Are you ready to...

  • align your product or service with your core values
  • move your clients - with ease - through the sales process
  • implement systems and strategies that have your ideal clients engaging with you regularly
  • close sales with confidence
  • sell more, worry less
  • have scripts you love so you can get out of your head and help more people connect to your product or service

Cool - you’re in the right place!

Sales Simplified is a one-month LIVE course where you move past your discomfort selling and learn the down-n-dirty theory and techniques I used to go from (quite literally) the WORST sales person in my to leading a team bringing in over six-figures in sales annually!

So, if you’re ready to make this sales thing work for you, get in this course! 

I developed this course to be a self-study course going forward. But if you decide to jump into this very first round starting Thursday, May 10th, you’ll get me LIVE (!!!) to dig into your specific situations, struggles, and circumstances and work with you personally and ensure your success!

In addition to getting me live, as a founding-member, you’ll also get special pricing: $197 - for four weeks - yeah... Das right! 

What you get with this first round of Sales Simplified

Four hours of video content

  • We make sure your product or service is wonderfully in-line with your values. This makes it so your authentically connected to what you’re offering. This is the foundation. If this is off, any strategy we try to build on top of it will crumble. So we really dig into this in a personal and unique way for each of you. And the really cool part is two people can be offering the same product or service and have COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ways of aligning them to their core values.
  • Clarity with your personal BRAND and online presence so you’re creating a fun and valuable journey for people to watch - something they’ll want to be a part of! 

  • How to add value to your network and create a way to generate leads so you’re not relying on cold-reach outs.

  • Sales scripts you can personalize and tweak to your business and comfort level. This will streamline your communications so you are leading your clients through the process instead of them leading you. This is important because YOU are the expert. Your clients are looking for help. And that’s your specialty! So with this simple tweak, you are in the driver's seat.

  • Guest Presenter, Karen Diaz who has created both a multiple six-figure direct sales business, but also a hugely successful service-based coaching business helping women move beyond disordered eating, The Free Life. She is an asset to me every single day, and now I get to share her with youuuuu!! 

  • And finally, our last week will be all about ironing out the kinks after having implemented everything you've learned. This is where we get gritty, look into what is working for you, what isn't, what you're uncomfortable with, what you love... and get you set up for the long-haul. 

Private FB Group with live weekly Q&A

This is where the magic happens

You will connect to me for live QA once/week and I'll be around to help with anything that comes up throughout the process.

We'll use this space for practice and role-playing which is key for getting the process comfortable for you and your clients. Something can sound wonderful in your head, but if you don't practice in a safe space (that's our group!), you won't ever move through the messy-middle. So, with practice sessions and the opportunity to get really specific with your personal business, brand, and struggles - you will move through the discomfort and slide into Sales Simplified like a BOSS. 

I caN'T WAIT to see you master this fundamental process in your businesses! 

With simplifying and authenticating the sales process, you will feel MORE comfort, MORE ease, and help MORE people connect with your product or service. This obvi will bring you MORE satisfaction and MORE success in your business. Which is a beautiful thing!

Love you the most xx,