How would it feel to...

  • Wake up every day with excitement for the work you do?

  • Work only people you adore and who energize you?

  • Have solid systems and structures in place that allow you to run your business with ease?

  • Sell your product or service with confidence and comfort?

  • Have a bulletproof business strategy for success you use to determine your daily tasks? (i.e.: you know what you have to do to get where you want to go!)

  • Know your worth and charge accordingly?

  • Be your own biggest fan?!


Sounding too good to be true? It's not. I've done it... and I'm going to show you how!


"Meadow is gifted..."

"Meadow is gifted. Working with her gave me clarity on an issue that had bogged me down for quite a while -- I came away with the ability to map out a great solution to this problem. I am excited to see a change in my business as a result! Not only did I receive some very helpful ideas, but the process was very collaborative and motivating. Meadow also gave me extra resources so that I could use to focus on specific skills in between coaching sessions. Thank you, Meadow!" - Samantha


My Signature 1:1 Private Coaching Program is your solution

I work with a very limited number of highly motivated individuals in my Signature 1:1 Private Coaching Program. If you’re sick of playing the business-guessing-game, ready for some mindful connection between your big vision and what’s been keeping you stuck, and ready to speed up your timeline to success, this program is for you.

When you sign up for my Signature 1:1 private coaching program, I become your guide and mentor, and I am fully invested in your success. Before we even begin, we connect and make sure we are on the same page so that we can hit the ground running in our very first session. My clients have made huge leaps in just that first session and have told me,

“If this is what happens on day one, I can’t wait to see what the whole program brings!”


In other words,

this program is uniquely tailored to give you completely customized support, huge momentum, and massive GROWTH in all areas of your business and life.



6 months of the highest level of support you’ve ever experienced.

Weekly 1:1 hour-long coaching calls where we walk you through the exact methods you need to:

  • overcome your own limiting way of thinking

  • start making money doing something you would do for free

  • identify your ideal client

  • exploring how to speak directly to your ideal client

  • develop and build your website

  • get over your fear of selling and get pretty damn good at it

  • design your very first (and second, and third, and fourth...) program!

  • ...and oh so much more...

You'll go from a dream to a business during our work together. 

My areas of expertise

New coaching clients often want to know whether my program contains specific modules or whether it is free-form...

Because every business and client is unique, I don't coach using pre-set modules. Instead, I tailor our sessions to your specific needs and desires.

Topics in which I have expertise include:

  • Getting yo MIND right: The biggest thing holding you back is often YOU! We will release any mindset blocks in our work together.

  • Confidence: This is huge. And this is the MOTHER of our work together. If you are lacking in confidence, your business is suffering (as are your relationships, your body, your parenting, E'RYTHING). How you do one thing is how you do everything. How you are in business is how you are in life. Let's get you realizing you're badassery immediately. Your business and your higher self will thank you.

  • Sales Sales Sales: Sales is uncomfortable for a lot of women... let's release that belief and get you some personally customized and ultra-comfy scripts and processes that get you EXCITED to jump on those sales calls - you'll be getting a lot more HELL YES' than anything else once you have a process and your confidence in place.

  • Your Ideal Client: You need to know exactly who you want to serve to reach them in the most powerful way. Identifying your niche and ideal client is KEY! You want your clients to feel SPOKEN TO DIRECTLY... and that is only possible when you identify exactly who you are meant to be working with.

  • Branding: In order to speak to your ideal client, you’ve got to become an expert in how to speak directly to them - get in their head - be able to both identify with their biggest struggles while painting a picture of how it can be on the other side of those struggles.

  • High Performance: In order to expect the best results, you must trust that when you are taken care of and doing the activities that fill you up, you will be doing your business (family, relationships, EVERYTHING) a huuuuuuge service. It's time to drop the burn-out and pick up the energy.

  • Money Money Money: It's energy. It's available to you. You've never experienced wealth consciousness work like this - and it will blow your mind.

  • Message: You’ve got a purpose. You've got a mission. And your work is needed. You identify your purpose, you identify your ideal client, you identify your message. In that order. No skipping or rushing steps allowed ;-)

  • Marketing: Attraction Marketing can be fun and enjoyable... and that takes knowing yourself, and knowing what types of marketing energize you. When you are feeling #highvibe and energized, your ideal clients will naturally be drawn to you.

  • Processes: Emails, Landing Pages, VA’s, Merchants, Software, Webinars…aghh! It can be a lot, I know. Rest assured, we will simplify your goals with a process that aligns with who you are and what you want. Less is more. I promise. You don't need half the shit you think you do.


It takes some people YEARS to develop, design, and build a business. Not with this program

Some of the best growth and action for my clients takes place outside of our regularly scheduled sessions, and I want to make sure you get the most of our time together - so I'm all for it! You want to go from an idea to making money doing what you love? It will take more than an hour a week... and I'm going to be jumping up-and-down right along-side of you to build this thang however fast you want! 

Revealing Exercises

Get super-deep-digging to peel off layer after layer of the stuff holding you back. You'll use these exercises beyond our work together. It will become second nature and one of your most powerful tools to release the struggle and pick up the ease. 

Step 1: Notice a struggle

Step 2: Pick appropriate exercise to move through struggle

Step 3: Ease. Flow. Knowing. Peace. Trust.

Please note, this is a high four-figure investment in your business.

If you’re ready for big, good.

That’s how I roll.