What doees 'InterCreate' mean? 

Glad you asked! It's a mashing of 'Interrupt Today - Create Tomorrow' by putting 'Interrupt' and 'Create' together like the two beautiful words they are... and together, they're even cooler:

Inter [in-tur] 1. a prefix  “in the midst of" Create [kree-eyt] 1. verb, to come into being, as something unique that is not made by ordinary processes

InterCreate [in-tur-kree-eyt] 1. verb, lifestyle, frame-o-mind, in the midst of coming into being - as something unique that is not made by ordinary processes. 


Welcome to our interCreative world

Isn’t it glorious? We live our most confident lives here. Breathe it in.

We love, work, parent, and play with clarity and self-assurance.

Oh – and we’ve decided this work is just too important to pass up – like, we’re definitely going to do it - so we’ve made the choice to HAVE FUN with it. You won’t see us clenching our teeth to fight through any of it. And we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Were we always that way? Uuuum, No. Not even close. But we now hold the secret to the confident life – and we hold it reverently - because we know what it's like to live without it. No thanks. Moving through life as a shell of ourselves – catering to others needs before our own – holding others opinions above our own – using the outside world to navigate our lives instead of navigating our lives from the inside out? #allsetthanks







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