Energetic, Emotional, & Business Mentoring

For Conscious Leaders, Creative Disruptors, and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Who Facilitate Massive Transformation With Their Work In The World

And Desire To Create Aligned Success While Creating More Of What Matters Most:

Time | Love | Health

Are The Areas Of Your Life Competing For Your Attention?

Are you trying to juggle being a devoted wife - a patient mother - a savvy business owner - a steady and confident leader - and an embodied example of health & vitality? All while feeling like you could constantly be doing more in each and every area of your life?

The areas of your life should fuel and inspire one another.


Not Conflict

Meadow supports you in unlocking your next level of success - while creating more of what matters most.

Time | Love | Health

 More Time

Meadow’s clients make more and work less - cutting their work hours in half while continuing to enjoy more profits and growth inside their business.

More Love

Meadow’s clients allow more connection and intimacy into their lives through partnership

Some even reuniting after separation more in love than ever, and some finding love after a painful divorce.

More Health

Meadow’s clients connect in deeply to their bodies to reveal a more powerful, healthy, and vibrant experience than ever before.

"Emmy went from tired & drained to creating $29k of new business and her highest month in business yet, $50k, in 6 weeks. We began our work after Emmy had undergone over 2 years of failed launches, Emmy was tired - drained - and “petrified” of putting everything she had into giving it another shot. We began our work by making several necessary tweaks in Emmy's energetic and emotional foundation for launching, which led her to book $29k in new business and create a $50k month within 6 weeks. Throughout our work, Emmy went on to create her first $89k launch, hit her yearly income goals in quarter 3, and sell her first $50k pay in full package."

Video & Funnel Strategist

"She went from not making a sale in months and sleeping on her ex-husbands couch - to getting her own place and bringing in $24,400 in her spiritual mentoring business. When Ana came into our work together, she was trying to work through a slump in her business as well as process and navigate the ending of her marriage to the father of her children. We began our work by centering her in her values and vision for what she wanted to create next with her work and within her relationships. We tweaked her ideal client, her offerings, and sales strategy, and she went on to celebrate $24,400 in 3 months! This afforded her the ability to rent and furnish her own apartment for herself and her little girls following her divorce."

Spiritual Mentor

"From making only $45.00 after 18 months in business, to creating $62,300 in 7 months in our work together, Dawn has prioritized alignment and doing work that lights her up. The first part of our work included supporting Dawn in finding the thread between her previous roles in corporate and her vision as an entrepreneur. This reframe and the support inside our programs allowed her to soar and she celebrated $15k of sales in 12 weeks. Within 7 months of working together, Dawn has successfully created $62,300 in ways that feel authentic, aligned, and enhancing her role as a connected partner and mother."

Metaphysical Consultant

"Words can't describe the experience of working with Meadow. I literally feel different in my body, like everything has changed. Meadow kept saying she wanted this experience to put us in the energy of our next level. But saying that didn't do it justice. It's like the portal opened, we walked in, and there's no backdoor. The only way is the path forward. In moment integration and embodiment. In previous work I’ve done with other coaches and mentors, we would do all this healing and it felt like the integration would come later. With Meadow, I don't have to try to figure out how to embody and integrate this experience in my day-to-day because it happens in the moment." Guerda successfully reimagined and sold her highest level packages inside our work together as well as created a strong foundation on which to hold more connecting relationships. "

Business Mentor

"From burnt out and not doing work that lit her up, to cutting her work hours almost by half, eliminating sales calls, and achieving goals only less than 2% of entrepreneurs will achieve. This goddess came into our work together with goals on top of goals. And yet - she was committed to accomplishing them while working LESS and doing MORE of the work that lit her soul on fire. Because she knows when your soul is lit up from within, that’s aligned success. One of Jessica's goals was to buy a home in Seattle’s high-end real estate market. She now owns not one, but two properties in Seattle totaling over $1 million. Another goal of hers was to hit six-figure sales months. She checked that off her list a couple months into our work together, then went on to create even more impressive milestones such as a $94k week in business, $72k days of sales, and $230k of sales within 6 weeks. All without sales calls, cutting her work hours by half, and zeroing in on what truly matters: doing work she loves with people she loves and living her life. Truly an inspiration."

Spiritual & Business Mentor

"Working with Meadow… I’ve never experienced something like this before, and I’ve met a lot of coaches and healers. Her work is for those who are ready to truly dive deep into their healing and desire to transform. It’s for those who keep butting up against all the “conventional” self help and seem to be getting the same old answers but know there is another layer waiting for them."

Business Coach, Co-Creator of the Covenstead Workspaces, Realtor

"When Camille and I began working together, she had just left her dream job (one she’d wanted since she was six years old) in the not-for-profit sector and very much wanted to be in a loving relationship but couldn't seem to string together more than 2 weeks with a man since her divorce. Through our work, she established a stronger energetic and emotional foundation and started her own consulting company for leaders and organizations. She just celebrated $114k in her first year in business. Our work within relationships supported her in becoming engaged to a man she loves who is perfect for her."

Leadership Consultant

"Dionne didn't have a business when she enrolled in my program. She created her website during the pre-training LOL! Well. This powerhouse not only LAUNCHED her business while in the program, she created $6,100! And that was her just getting started... cannot WAIT to see what she does next!"

Manifestation Coach

"When I started working with Meadow, I was lost and thought maybe she could help me organize and streamline my life a bit. Within one session, Meadow could see through what my ego was ‘saying’ I wanted, and helped me sidestep that to find which door my soul was hiding behind. Together we kicked that mutha open - and life came rushing in, wild and fascinating - with infinite hallways and infinite doors I can now explore with curiosity and playfulness!"

Radio Personality

"From the moment I met Meadow I knew I met someone special. She has a gift for listening, analyzing, and HELPING. She just gets it. Meadow has helped me discover the things that have been getting in the way of my success and has an amazing way of asking JUST the right questions to allow that kind of deeper thinking. I can’t even tell you how many aha moments I have had during my sessions with her. It’s fireworks - Every. Single. Time. I owe so much of my success and personal growth to my work with Meadow - she’s truly a gift!"

Sales Mentor

"Meadow has a way of beautifully supporting each individual to their own transformation. Like a catered event - her care and attention to detail are world-class. She’s ruthlessly devoted to seeing her people thrive. In our time of working together, it was both the way she saw me and her commitment to the truth that helped me transform pieces of me I couldn’t reach on my own. During the course, I created $6,400, which was more than my entire previous year in business. Her work goes beyond modalities and straight to the heart of the matter. She's a legend in the coaching industry!"

Event Design | Advisor to CEOs | ANTD Bodycare

"If you are looking for a mix of fierce business tactics and a no BS mindset shift to get you into action, combined with lots of laughs and fun along the way Meadow is the perfect fit. She has a way of listening to you then immediately knowing what you need and how to get you there. Her creativity is unmatched and working with her is exactly what an entrepreneur needs when they feel stuck."

Registered Dietitian & Business Owner

" "Working with Meadow has blown every other coaching experience I’ve ever had out of the water. No comparison." Julie experienced her highest paying client, her highest month in business - a month that surpassed her entire annual income from the previous year - AND she experienced more energetic shifts that changed her life than she can count. And she was no beginner. She had worked 1:1 with some of the best in the business investing over six figures into her success and personal development."

Writer & Creator

"Steph came into my group program wanting to pull off her first successful $10k launch. We looked at offers and pricing - made the necessary tweaks - and she came out with her $11k+ booked, and $7,603 cash month. Boom-shaka-laka."


" "For anyone who knows they possess greatness and have not previously connected and formed bonds with women doing big shit, working with Meadow is priceless. I’m just loving TF out of my life. My relationship has done a 180 degree shift. We are no longer moving forward with a divorce. We’re more in love than ever. My business? I’m making more and working less. My relationship with my daughter is other level awesome. I’m so grateful for this work we do and this space you’ve created…" Jessica created her highest month in business inside The Mastermind and successfully reimagined and sold her highest level container of support securing her spot in the five-figure a month club. And reunited with her wife and is so so in love. And she's continued to grow and create even MORE success since our work completed!"

Trauma Coach

"I was on the fence about jumping into this program - I'm so glad I did!! My prices increased, I created a couple offers and then clients started to appear out of nowhere. Sounds mystical but the combo of Meadow’s support and me taking action felt like magic happened. None of it was overwhelming, it was fun!" Anya came into my program with no paying clients. She is a brilliant healer who was giving away her services for free, which was draining her energy and resources. We immediately nailed down her expertise, crafted her offers, decided on her pricing, and she went from no paying clients to bringing in $9k in sales within the program. Anya then came into my Mastermind where she created an additional $17,305 in business, with a total of $26,305!"

Healer & Mentor for Conscious Leaders

"From NO clients, and separated from her husband - to $9,780 in sales, charging 2x what she charged before, AND happily married - in 5 weeks of 1:1 work together. She came to me ALMOST having given up. She had no clients and was separated from her spouse. It was a low point for sure. In 5 weeks, with refined focus, and some energetic tweaks, she has both reconciled with her beloved husband. AND (!!!) she has created $9,780 of new business. Doing her work in the world. Following these successes, she continues to celebrate multiple-five-figure months in business working with clients she adores while living life with her beloved."

Creative & Business Coach

""I wanted to work with Meadow because she was no BS and so authentic. What you see is what you get. And there is a depth you get when working with Meadow you don't get anywhere else. In our work, my confidence soared and I was able to increase my pricing by 150% and sell those packages. Then I was able to land a monthly contract for $9,600 along with a $7k contract! I also have transformed my relationship with my body and have created more aligned and fulfilling relationships through my work inside this program."

Leadership Development

Hi There

I'm Meadow

Founder & Lead Facilitator at Meadow Merry Consulting

I'm an expert at energy, intuition, and supporting women in building an unshakable foundation on which to construct a business around their work in the world.

While enjoying more time to live their lives - to love and be loved - and to enjoy this human experience beyond what their biggest visions can conjure.

More About Meadow

Work With Meadow

Whether your goal is $100k months or your next $5k in business, there's a level of support for you. Each of these highly intimate experiences contains a heartbeat of custom coaching, facilitated shadow work, and supportive therapeutic modalities to make sure you reach your goals while maintaining a solid connection to yourself, your family, and your energetic, emotional, and physical center.

No BS Business Accelerator

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This 12-week, live, group coaching experience will support you in prioritizing what moves the needle in your business and implementing a simple AF method to earn your next $20k with your work in the world and lay the foundation for your six-figure/year in business.

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No BS Business Accelerator

The Mastermind

Accepting Applications Until Sept. 1st

The Mastermind is an intimate circle of women focused on unlocking their next level of aligned success with their work in the world while creating more time, more love, and more health in their lives.

This experience includes

  • Weekly, round-table style sessions
  • Group access between sessions for Connection & Collaboration
  • Access to Course Library
  • All-inclusive, in-person experience at a 5-star luxury resort
  • Private Branding Photo Shoot with NYT Photographer, Wendy Yalom.

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The Mastermind

Elite 1:1 Mentorship

One Seat Available

This level of support is for you if you're ready to leverage who you are at your very core to unlock your next level of impact and success while creating more of what matters most:

Time | Connection & Intimacy | Health & Vitality

While enjoying a direct and private connection to Meadow's guidance and support

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Elite 1:1 Mentorship

Want to learn my No BS Method for creating your next multi 6-figure year with your work in the world?

This value-packed 1-hour Masterclass includes how to create, price, and market your offers in alignment, and with magnetism & integrity.


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Train your Brain

This training will support you in getting out of your head and into massive action to create success as a sensitive creative.