Meadow Merry

Business & Success Coaching:

For spiritual and highly intuitive entrepreneurs who facilitate massive transformation with their work in the world

And desire to create massive success doing it

Work With Meadow

Work With Meadow

Whether your goal is $100k months or your first $5k in business, I have designed a level of support for you to hit your goals:

No BS Business Accelerator

This 12-week group coaching experience will support you in implementing a simple AF method to detox from complicated business rules and earn your next $5-20k with your work in the world. 

Client Results:

$29k of new business and her first $50k month of booked sales within 6 weeks after ~$2k/month and wanting to quit.

$18,091 of new business which helped her and her two kids set up a new home and life following her separation.


Course Details

Creative Success Mastermind

This Mastermind is a group coaching experience designed to create $20k+ months in your business alongside a tribe of other badasses doing the same.

Client results from this program:

After taking a year off to be with her new baby, a mother of three restarted her business in the Mastermind and created $23,900 within 8 weeks.

Within 4 weeks, a client created a $20k cash month after only ever having created $2-4k months in the past. She just celebrated a $20k cash WEEK.

There are 3 seats open currently

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Elite 1:1 Inner-Circle

My highest level of support is for you if you're ready to build a six, multi-six, and seven-figure annual business built around your work in the world. This is done *not* through hustle and sacrifice. You will work less and enjoy your business (and life) more.

Doing vs. Being

Client results:

$89k in two weeks - TRIPLING her highest launch ever our third month and surpassing her annual cash goal one quarter early.

A $94k week of sales with NO discovery calls.

$174k month after 8 years in business trying to surpass the six-figure month.

$50k+ cash months after only doing $2-4k/month for decades.

There is currently 1 opening.

More Details

"Emmy created $29k of new business and had her highest month yet, $50k, in my group program. We started our work after over 2 years of failed launches, Emmy was tired - drained - and “petrified” of putting everything she had into giving it another shot. After coming into my group program, we made several necessary tweaks in Emmy's launch, sales, and energy which led her to book $29k in new business and create a $50k month within 6 weeks of our work. She then went on to create her first $89k month in a 1:1 container with me!"

Emmy Wu
Video Strategist

"When Ana came into Couch to $5k, she hadn't made a sale in months and was literally sleeping on her ex-husbands couch. With tweaks to her ideal client, her offerings, and her sales strategy, she went on to celebrate $14k during the course!"

Coach & Mentor

"Steph came into my group program wanting to pull off her first successful $10k launch. We looked at offers and pricing - made the necessary tweaks - and she came out with her $11k+ booked, and $7,603 cash month. Boom-shaka-laka."

Steph Freeman

"Dawn had made only $45.00 after 18 months in business. She came into Couch to $5k, we tweaked her offers, energy, and sales strategy... and she celebrated $15k in the program. She then came into my Mastermind, where she celebrated another $12k within her first month there!"

Metaphysical Consultant

"If you are looking for a mix of fierce business tactics and a no BS mindset shift to get you into action, combined with lots of laughs and fun along the way Meadow is the perfect fit. She has a way of listening to you then immediately knowing what you need and how to get you there. Her creativity is unmatched and working with her is exactly what an entrepreneur needs when they feel stuck."

Registered Dietitian & Business Owner

"When I started working with Meadow, I was lost and thought maybe she could help me organize and streamline my life a bit. Within one session, Meadow could see through what my ego was ‘saying’ I wanted, and helped me sidestep that to find which door my soul was hiding behind. Together we kicked that mutha open - and life came rushing in, wild and fascinating - with infinite hallways and infinite doors I can now explore with curiosity and playfulness!"

Radio Personality

"From the moment I met Meadow I knew I met someone special. She has a gift for listening, analyzing, and HELPING. She just gets it. Meadow has helped me discover the things that have been getting in the way of my success and has an amazing way of asking JUST the right questions to allow that kind of deeper thinking. I can’t even tell you how many aha moments I have had during my sessions with her. It’s fireworks - Every. Single. Time. I owe so much of my success and personal growth to my work with Meadow - she’s truly a gift!"

Vasayo Diamond

Free Training

In this training you will learn how to control your fear brain in order to create success.


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Train your Brain

This training will support you in getting out of your head and into massive action to create success as a sensitive creative.