Elite 1:1 Mentorship

If your goal is to create a six, multi-six, or a seven-figure annual business around your work in the world. While "doing" less and "being" more...

My highest level of 1:1 support is for you



1:1 Calls as needed

Luxury, 1:1 in-person Intensive Weekend (all inclusive)

Unlimited Voxer Access

VIP access to my entire suite of offers, including my high-level Mastermind.

Anything else I decide you need to create the success you desire.


You will work less and make more within this 12-month mentorship.

Creating the energetic foundation that will support you in creating your six, multi-six, or seven-figure business.

Where you lay a strong energetic foundation on which to build compounding success with your work in the world.

I work with 4 people in this high-level way. Spaces are open by invitation only and there is currently 1 available.

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$126k of booked sales in two weeks after struggling to hit six-figure months before our work together.

$89k launch - TRIPLING her highest launch ever.

A $95k week of sales with no discovery calls after struggling to hit six-figure months for 8 years before we worked together.

A $20k CASH month our second month after only ever doing $2-4k/month being in business for over two decades.

Going from no business and struggling to hold a relationship --> to creating $114k her first year in business as a leadership consultant and moving in with the man she loves.

What happens inside my inner-circle?

Meadow's client results include...

  • $126k of booked sales in two weeks
  • $89k launches (tripling highest launch)
  • $90k+ months.
  • $50k+ cash months

This intensive includes:

  • Me. On speed-dial
  • All-inclusive, luxurious, 1:1, in-person weekend intensive
  • 1:1 calls as needed
  • Unlimited Voxer access
  • VIP access to Mastermind & entire suite of my offers.
  • And whatever else I decide is necessary to get you where you want to go.

12-month Mentorship

I work with 4 individuals in this high-level way.

This level of support is open by invitation only and there is currently 1 seat open.

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