Creative Business Building Intensive

My 1:1 clients build their businesses to $30k-$50k a month - consistently - and have celebrated $90k months and beyond with my mentorship.


What you desire to create is possible.



We get you crystal clear on your creative business: Offers, Pricing, Results, Message, Clients.

And guess what. It's all shit you cannot WAIT to implement.

Because that's how I roll. I've built my business entirely around my creative work in the world. Everything I do is a FUCK YESSS! It's how it should be.


If you aren't 100% sold on what you offer, no one else will be. I help you get solid in the work you do so you can close clients with ease and confidence.

And my closing rate is 100% since I started tracking that bad boy. Yes. I close 100% of the clients I get on the phone with. And I'll show you how. It's my special combo of strategy and mindset. And it's magic.


We design and build your creative business as a system that CONSISTENTLY generates $30k-$50k a month.

Clients of mine have celebrated $50k-$90k months as well.

Basically, what do you want to create? It's possible. Do you believe me? Good.

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It's Time

Meadow's client results have included...

  • $29k of new business in 6 weeks.
  • $31k of bookings within 2 weeks of working with me.
  • Celebrating $90k months.
  • Making more IN ONE WEEK than they had made before in a month.
  • Signing their first clients our first week.
  • Insane confidence | Insane drive | Insane results

This intensive includes:

  • me on speed-dial for one full year
  • All-inclusive, luxurious, 1:1, in-person weekend
  • Weekly 1:1 calls
  • Voxer access in between sessions
  • Live access to all my containers
  • And whatever else I decide is necessary to get you where you want to go.

I work with a very limited number (4) of people in this way.

Apply below if you know this is your next step.

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