Couch to $5k

But instead of RUNNING 5k, you're going to be learning what it takes to MAKE $5k. And then continuing to scale from there.


Client Results

Solid Offer

You must be 100% behind what it is you offer in order to put yourself and your business out into the world confidently and consistently.

Within this 12-week program, you will create the precise offers you can't wait to facilitate.

Solid Sales

Sales are magical. I get sales; both literally and figuratively. And I will make sure you get sales as well.

I have sold over $802,179.00 in the last year and although most of that has been over messenger, I have a 100% close rate on the phone.

I can see what is not working in your sales and I help you fix it.

Solid Results

This 12-week program is designed to help you construct the foundation on which to create the next $5k in your business - and continue to grow beyond the end of the course.

Emmy Wu

After two years of "failed launches," Emmy had all but quit her business and had started even looking for jobs.

But after stumbling across a free training with me like the one I'm running now, she felt inspired to not give up, and enrolled in a group course with me similar to Couch to $5k. Except instead of 12 weeks (the length of Couch to $5k), the course Emmy enrolled in was 6 weeks.

Within that container, we made several necessary tweaks in Emmy's launch, sales, and energy, and she created $29k of new business and her first $50k month of booked sales within that 6 weeks.

She then stepped into a 1:1 container with me (obvi) and went on to create her first $89k launch and SURPASSED her yearly cash income goal of $200k early at the end of the third quarter!

Course Layout

*I reserve the right to add any and all content I see you need - in addition to bonuses and length of course...

Ongoing throughout the container: SALES

You will post any and all conversations you are having with potential clients inside the private community and receive my step-by-step guidance on how to powerfully and confidently navigate these conversations so you can close more sales in messenger.

Week 1 & 2: Your business and your offer(s)

This includes what your business is, who you’re meant to serve/who your audience is, your offer(s), pricing those offer(s), your marketing strategy, where are you are meant to be marketing - and how, etc.

Week 3 - 5: Tools

Creating your opt in, website creation (branding, copy, and the building out of website if you desire one), business page, Instagram, collecting payments, etc.


Weeks 6 - 8: Personalized Launch Strategy

This includes how you want to gather your people, where you will be gathering them, what kind of experience you’ll create for them as a taste of what it’s like to work with you, your launch calendar, any bonus offers, etc.

Week 9 - 12: SALES and Systems

In this last phase, we will be doubling down on SALES navigation along with implementing any systems involved in automating your business for its continued growth.


Sensitive and Successful Soirée

Self Study Course on navigating success as a empath and intuitive

$500 value

Shadow to Light: An Introduction

The paradigm of consciousness** that changed how I viewed and interacted with the world around me. Learning this framework created the shift I needed to launch into even greater levels of success - going from 7 failed group launches to a $6k launch, then an $80k launch two months later.

**Includes PDF that walks you through how to practically apply this tool.

$500 value

Discovery Call Flow Chart

This is a document you can print out to help you powerfully navigate sales phone calls with potential clients.

Money Manifestation Workshop

This is a guided workshop where you identify and clear any and all of your money blocks. It is also able to be used to identify and clear energetic blocks in other areas of your life (intimacy and body)

Dawn Lillie

Dawn had made a total of $45.00 in her business over the course of 18 months. Even though she had invested somewhere between $30k and $40k in support.

After enrolling in Couch to $5k, with some tweaks in her energy, area of expertise, and offers... she celebrated $15k in sales during the course and went on to add $10k more in the next two months within my mastermind. A total of $25k of booked sales.

Dionne Younger

Dionne didn't have a business when she enrolled into Couch to $5k. She created her website during the pre-training LOL!

Well. This powerhouse not only LAUNCHED her business while in C2$5k, she created $6,100! And that was her just getting started... cannot WAIT to see what she does next!

Couch to $5k

This is an 8-week live, group coaching experience with Meadow.

  • Access to a private community of entrepreneurs doing the damn thing
  • Life changing and highly activating group calls with Meadow weekly
  • Powerful and supportive coaching support between calls via our private community
  • {Bonus} Self-study access to Meadow's foundational course, Sensitive & Successful Soirée ($500 value)
  • {Bonus} Self-study access to Meadow's Shadow to Light, an Introduction ($500 value)

Pay in full: $2,500

Payment Plan is available upon request

You will receive IMMEDIATE access to Meadow's foundational self-study courses, Sensitive & Successful Soirée & Shadow to Light: An Introduction ($1,000 value) upon enrollment

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